The ride proposed by Rockefeller Plaza will recreate historical photos

One of the many tourist attractions in New York City is Rockefeller Plaza, which includes a Top of the Rock observation deck for a panoramic view of Manhattan.Now a real estate investment company wants Upgrade the deck with new rides Simulated 1932 history Enjoy lunch on the skyscraper Photos-minus the risk of falling.

Rockefeller Plaza is an iconic Art Deco building, home to NBC Studios, and may be known for its annual holiday traditions Kill a giant tree and place its decorated corpse On display. While the skyscraper was under construction, 11 blacksmiths climbed a beam that looked precarious and enjoyed a lunch break on the 69th floor above the busy streets of New York.Their pictures were taken, although we now know Unforgettable image Staged, Captured as Promotional tools For this building, it has become symbol of Workers and the unforgettable America.Photo However, featuring real construction workers Some historians believe that, for safety, there is a structure below them, just beyond the frame.

As part of the current Top of the Rock experience, Which includes an outline viewing platform where visitors can stand or sit on the beam’s recreational facilities to take pictures, even though that part is safe indoors. However, Tishman Speyer Properties, a real estate company that has been redeveloping the property for decades, hopes to build a new rooftop amusement facility on the 69-story observation deck at 30 Rock, called the “Skyscraper Experience Lunch”, to give visitors a chance Taking a more believable selfie of themselves perched high above the city on metal beams.Shared the details of the upgrade in a lengthy presentation New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee already Available through its website.

Calling it a ride is a generous description: visitors only need to sit on top of a beam that rises and rotates 180 degrees to provide visitors with panoramic views of the city on both sides of Rockefeller Plaza. A generationProposal description The ride indicates that it is far enough from the edge of the building to ensure safety, but you can also assume that the rider will be securely tied to take into account the height of the girders and how Notorious social media users can When trying to take a perfect selfie.

There is no specific time as to when the upgrade will take place.this Proposals need to be approved by the city government, but as the pandemic continues and places like New York strive to reignite tourism, there may not be too many obstacles preventing these new attractions from moving forward.

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