The reaction of former players and teammates to Solskjaer’s dismissal by Manchester United Football News

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Fired by Manchester United On Sunday, he emphasized the strangeness of his appointment three years ago and the flaws of the club’s determination to stick with a manager whose qualifications have been questioned for so long, because the huge investment in players has had little significant impact on the stadium.

Even after losing to fierce rivals Liverpool (5-0) and Manchester City (2-0) last month, Manchester United was still trapped by Solskjaer.

Although Aston Villa and Norwich used the two-week international match day to fire and bring in new managers, Manchester United’s leadership waited until Saturday’s 4-1 defeat at Watford (seven Premier League games). It was the fifth loss in the league) that it was finally decided that the canoe needs to be changed.

Former midfielder Michael Carrick, who once served in Solskjaer’s coaching staff, will be temporarily in charge. He will travel to Spain in the group stage on Tuesday to participate in the Champions League match in Villarreal.

Manchester United said it would consider appointing a manager before the end of the season.

“The inevitable news came out this morning,” former Liverpool, Manchester United and England striker Michael Owen tweeted after Solskjaer was fired.

“In recent seasons, managers bigger than him have tried but failed. He has left the club and has the most talented players in a while. The job of the next manager is to make them play their best role. For Manchester United, the timing of the search for a new coach must be the worst. At the beginning of the season, there were almost no senior managers available.”

Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has been criticized for refusing to call for the firing of his former teammate as an expert. He said Solskjaer “restored some soul to the club”.

Patrice Evra, who played for Manchester United from 2006 to 2014, believes that players must take more responsibility.

“Thank my friend for letting us believe in Manchester United again. Unfortunately, when you don’t get the result, people will forget everything you have done for the club, but I now come for all the players for you.” Evra said.

Andy Cole, who won the historic triple crown with Solskjaer in 1999, paid tribute to the outgoing coach.

“I wish my friend all the best… No matter what people say, you will always be a legend of Manchester United. You have taken the glory days back to Old Trafford with all your heart,” Cole said.

When Solskjaer left, Manchester United had really withdrawn from the Premier League title race, 12 points behind Chelsea, the seventh-placed leader in the standings, and withdrew from the League Cup.

Five consecutive losses in Solskjaer’s last seven league games are in stark contrast to expectations surrounding the club in August, when Cristiano Ronaldo unexpectedly returned to Old Trafford in the final days of the transfer window.

Manchester United also spent more than 134 million US dollars to buy Sancho and Rafael Varane, because they hope to finish second only to Manchester City in the league last season.

However, although Ronaldo scored 9 goals in 14 games, Solskjaer was unable to combine the parts of his star-studded team into a collective unit.

“It’s really sad, I’m really sad. On behalf of Ole, on behalf of the football club, on behalf of all fans. In too short a time, we have to fire too many managers,” former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel Say.

“We have been used to being a person for 27 years [Alex Ferguson] Sitting in a hot seat, I just have feelings for Ole. He has done everything he can, but in modern football, this is considered insufficient. “

Former Manchester City player Micah Richards said: “You have Ronaldo, Pogba, Fernandez, Sancho and all of their players. Some things have to be paid, and Ole did not let these players perform their best. “

Solskjaer had previously survived the storm in a roller coaster, but in the end he did not win the trophy for three years. However, even as a club legend scored the winning goal in the 1999 UEFA Champions League final, the honour of winning the historic triple crown for Ferguson’s team is gradually disappearing because he was booed by the support of Pastor Lu’s travels. Voice.

Andy Mitten, editor of United We Stand Fanzine, said it was “sorrowful” to see Solskjaer selected.

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