The rating of the Apple Podcasts app has changed after the company started prompting users

Apple’s decision Allow scoring of own apps Is producing…mixed results.As a developer Costa Eleftherio with edge It has been noted that due to the surge in reviews, the official Podcasts app has jumped from a poor 1.8-star rating to more than 4.8 stars in just a few weeks. However, as you might have guessed, this is not the result of a (non-existent) feature update during that period. Instead, the responsibility seems to lie in application prompts and more confusion.

iPhone manufacturer tells edge That iOS 15.1 Start prompting users for ratings and comments, “just like most third-party apps.” However, many people think they are evaluating the show they are listening to, not the app-this has led to a large number of podcast ratings and comments.

This issue did not affect many other first-party applications, such as Apple Maps (2.8 stars as of this writing).Even the iTunes store Ratings, Although very high (4.8 stars), but includes reviews that focus primarily on the application rather than the content.

These tips do bring functional consistency to Apple’s apps—it’s easy to discard them if you want. At the same time, however, these confusions are exaggerating the value of podcasts and rendering the scores of many people who decide podcast clients useless. This shift also emphasizes the issue of trust ratings and reviews regardless of the platform. It’s easier for users who are misled, Activists And fraudsters misrepresent that feedback.

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