The quintet of American insiders may be the best combination of all time

Saitama, Japan (AP)-When it comes to talented inside players, the wealth of the United States is embarrassing, and this may be the best player ever.

No team in the world has the same height, experience or depth as the American big men-this group of women includes three of the past four WNBA MVPs.

Britney Greener, A’ja Wilson and Breanna Stewart are powerful starting front lines of 6 feet 9 inches, 6-5 inches and 6-4 inches respectively. Then the U.S. team traded 6-6 for Silvia Fowles on the bench and Tina Charles 6-4. In the first 9-point victory over Nigeria, the five-man team scored 81 points and 56 points of 45 rebounds.

“I mean versatility makes American basketball unique. Our scale and skills,” Stewart said. “Being 6-3, 4, 5, 6, moving on, being able to pass, shoot, and dribble is very special. I think I keep saying this, but it’s so great to be on the same side of the court with them. All right.”

They can participate in at least one Olympic Games together: the average score is 29.

What makes this team more dangerous than the previous American team with star players such as Lisa Leslie, Venus Lacy, Yolanda Griffith and Tina Thompson is not just the size of the team , And as Stewart said, their versatility.

Stewart started on the wing of this team-not her normal position. Charles has developed into a reliable three-point shooter. This year, she shot 37% of the WNBA from beyond the three-point line and averaged a career-high 26.3 points per game, ranking among the best in the league.

Griner Foles may be the most traditional inside player, and they have also developed mid-range shooting. Griner,Who’s playing she For the second Olympics, it is terrible to say how good this group can be.

“We have big men who shoot three pointers and have a big meal in the low post. Dealing with rocks. It makes it very difficult,” she Say. “It is difficult to guard any of them alone in one night. Putting all of us together is the whole team that I don’t want to oppose.”

The team’s rookie Wilson led the team in scoring with 19 points in the first victory.

“We are all very different and brought many different aspects to the game,” said the defending WNBA MVP. “We can become a team from the inside out and can play high and low games. As one of the youngest late-stage teams, I am like a sponge and accepted all this.”

When Nigeria tried to engage in a low-level confrontation with the United States, the next opponent of the United States had already stated that they would not even try. Japan‘S coach Tom Horvath said he will make one of his “higher” players defender Griner When the two teams play on Friday.

“I will guard Britney Greener With a 6 feet. This is a challenge,” he Said with a smile. “I always see it as the opposite. We are always small. Britney GreenerWe will have to defend a 6-footer who can shoot three pointers from the perimeter. They must walk around on the court. That was looking at the glass when it was half full. “

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