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Yosuke Matsuda, the president of leading game development company Square Enix, expressed his views on the emergence of new technologies and trends such as NFT, blockchain games, and metaverse concepts in the gaming space. Matsuda explained the business strategies surrounding these and detailed how Square Enix will incorporate them into their upcoming games.

Square Enix announces new technology strategy

Yosuke Matsuda, President of Square Enix, detailed the next steps to incorporate new blockchain-based technologies into his New Year’s plan.In the New Year’s letter, Matsuda explain These new technologies, including the concept of non-fungible tokens (NFT) and metaverse, have risen in the past year, and these will develop to a more operable stage this year.

Matsuda commented on the importance of these to its overall business strategy and pointed out:

As this abstract concept begins to materialize in the form of products and services, I hope it will bring about changes that have a greater impact on our business.

Therefore, the President pointed out that the company is actively engaged in research and development (R&D) and investment in areas such as blockchain games and artificial intelligence (AI).

Incentives for decentralized games

Matsuda distinguishes traditional games (which he calls “play”) and new blockchain games “play to make money” (P2E), giving some of these games the necessary incentives to earn tokens through game actions. This is the difference between centralized games, centralized games focus on one-way data flow (from creator to consumer) to make stories, while decentralized games in decentralized games, users will incentivize the creation of economic participation through tokens More roles.

This will enable mod makers (that is, third parties who modify the game to make it better or include more elements) from a purely contribution plan to a real gain from their in-game construction. Matsuda explained:

From having fun to making money to contributing, a variety of motivations will inspire people to participate in the game and connect with each other. It is tokens based on blockchain that can achieve this. By designing a viable token economy in our games, we will achieve self-sustaining game growth.

However, adding these new elements to traditional games has been accepted Negatively so far. GSC Game World is a small company that recently had to abandon its intention to include NFT elements in the upcoming game “Stalker 2” after facing negative reactions from the public. Ubisoft, another leading developer, also faced similar problems. NFT marketQuartz, received 95% of negative reactions on Youtube.

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