The presence of the Nationals led to the death of the Orioles is an Angelos family myth

Here comes the big, bad Washington Nationals on Tuesday Baltimore Because every year they visit the ground they crush, Camden Yards.

Like Genghis Khan’s invasion of Asia, the Nationals arrived in the Orioles’ backyard in 2005 and began looting and pillaging the land, destroying the once-proud team’s loyal fan base.

they used to fill Camden Yards every night. Then the Montreal Expos relocated to Washington, stealing the Orioles from those sold-out crowds.

their ruler, master of the Orioles Peter AngelosWhat have you done he Can stop invasions and protect Orioles fans. he Shout out to MLB and anyone who will listen his The team will lose 25% of its fan base in the Washington area due to the existence of the Nationals.

When they knew they would lose, Angelos Negotiated surrender terms will help take care of those fans and ensure the continued success of the group. The deal will be called Mid-Atlantic Sports Network – MASN.

The story is a fairy tale, but some Orioles fans still insist it was the driving force behind their baseball team’s demise for most of the tenure Angelos had — 19 losing seasons since 1998.

The year before was their high point, drawing 3.7 million fans in 1997 to the baseball stadium that changed baseball when it opened in 1992. Now they are cellar dwellers, drawing 1.6 million fans in 2018, 1.3 million in 2019, and in 2020 post-Covid, they drew just 793,229 last season, with fewer than 10,000 fans per game.

Who is to blame?

Angelos claim his The presence of the Washington baseball team would seriously hurt the business. he Claims that 20 to 25 percent of the team’s fans are from suburban Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia.

This is a lie.

“It’s a fabricated number, a total fabrication,” said a former club official.

Officials seeking baseball’s return to the region conducted an independent study of the Orioles fan base in those regions — particularly season ticket holders — and contracted with an outside company.

those results? four percent. that’s right. four percent.

Even if you take into account what the researchers call the “margin of error,” let’s say 100 percent, which is 8 percent. That’s another world from 20% to 25%.

Angelos didn’t make this lie. It started in the era of Edward Bennett Williams. But when it served his purpose, he had no problem using it.

After all, the Angelos family is proficient at lying. Just ask one of his sons, Lou Angelos, who is suing his brother John and accusing him of lying.Or ask their mom Georgia Angeloswho said Lou is a liar. Peter Angelos? heI’m sick and haven’t heard of it for time you hear he at that time he Passed away, team was sold, as per instructions his will.

MLB certainly doesn’t believe it Angelos when he production his The case against a team in Washington. The cursed MASN deal was originally a 50/50 ownership between the Orioles and Nationals. The deal was ready to be signed, but at the last minute, Angelos Head to MLB headquarters in New York, break into COO Bob DuPuy’s office, and threaten the former Marine with the full force of a U.S. law firm Peter Angelos. DuPuy caved and this is how you get the initial MASN transaction, giving Orioles 90% ownership of the network instead of 10%. Ownership of the Nationals will increase by 1% per year, with a final cap of 33%. That’s how you end the ongoing bitter legal battle between the two teams over more than $100 million in MASN revenue.

There were many reasons for the Orioles’ demise, and their impact far outweighed the existence of the Nationals.The most obvious is of course incompetence Baltimore Franchise owned by Angelos.

With the exception of five straight years of success under Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter from 2012 to 2016, the team has lost on the field since 1998. Their best season in the Duquette-Showalter era — in 2014, when they won 96 games and reached the AL Championship Series — Baltimore Attracted 2.5 million followers.

Since then, the Nationals have also won 96 games and the National League East Championship. They have attracted 2.6 million followers.

Do you want to see a team that hurts the Orioles? Check out M&T Bank Stadium and the Baltimore Ravens next door. The Orioles’ attendance coincided with the demise and departure of the Baltimore Colts in 1984.With no NFL football in town, the baseball team became hay, especially with Camden Yards 1992. When the Ravens arrived in 1996, it quickly coincided with baseball’s tough times on the field starting in 1998. It didn’t help that the Ravens achieved immediate success, winning the 2000 Super Bowl.

Baltimore Its blue-collar fan base faces a decision on where to invest its season ticket money. The Ravens made the decision easily.

Other factors in the Orioles’ downfall have been debated lately — the fallout from the Freddie Gray riots, the fear of crime in the city — but are the Washington Nationals the looters? A myth, perpetuated by families who no longer even believe in each other.

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