The Play-to-Earn game from Polker (PKR) is listed on the BitMart exchange – recognized by Akon

Earn NFT based on games Polk gameThe native token $PKR has been officially listed on the popular centralized exchange BitMart. Polk game Recently, it has attracted much attention because the American R&B superstar and record producer Akon officially recognized Polker, saying that “the game is revolutionary”, and Polker is “no suspense…”. “Watch Akon’s video here“. With the listing of BitMart and the celebrity endorsement of Akon, Polker is fully capable of becoming a major participant in the Play-to-Earn alliance.

What is earning while playing?

Although not a new concept, due to the popularity of the NFT game AXIE infinity, play and earn has become a trending term. In the past, previous games to win money games have also been successful-however, due to the huge development of the blockchain field in recent years, the game experience has now been greatly improved.

Play-to-Earn games are basically free and open to anyone and everyone. By simply using the platform, players can earn native platform tokens or NFTs-both have real value. Allowing players to earn tokens that can be sold or traded and NFTs have created a paradigm shift in online gaming-Polker is leading the way through the Play-to-Earn poker platform.

Why is Polker.Game?

With the growth of Play-to-Earn blockchain games at an unprecedented rate, Polk game Prepare to change the world of online poker with its unique gameplay. Since the chips used in Polker are worthless-the game eliminates the gambling aspect of poker while retaining prizes of real value. Polker’s winning poker platform is about competition and skill, not gambling. Although still in the early stages, Polker NFT has been sold on OpenSea for $10,000 (3.8 ETH).

Polker (PKR) growth potential

With the support of Akon and the launch of Polker’s game earning poker platform, Polker and $PKR have huge growth potential. The fact that $PKR is now listed on the centralized exchange BitMart greatly increases this potential.

Polker follows a business model similar to that of AXIE INFINITY (AXS). At the time of writing, its market value is fully diluted to $19.4 billion. Polker (PKR) currently has a fully diluted market value of US$40.2 million. If PKR reaches the same market value as AXS, then the current value will increase by more than 482 times. In short, if Polker’s market value grows to the same market value as AXIE INFINITY, then today’s $1,000 investment in PKR will be worth more than $482,000.

Even if it reaches half of the AXS market value in the short term, this is a more reasonable expectation and will allow a value increase of 24,000%-for any investor, the return on investment should not be missed, especially when Akon supports the platform Down.

Polker listed on BitMart

Polker (PKR) is a cross-chain token with a functional bridge between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Tron-the Polygon bridge is being developed.So far, $PKR can only be traded on decentralized exchanges Unified exchange, with Pancake swap. Now listed on popular centralized exchanges Bit market, Polker (PKR) can trade more people through the newly listed USDT-PKR.

With BitMart listing $PKR and Akon shouting the game earning poker platform provided by Polker, the potential of the platform is unparalleled.

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