The Planned Parenthood Los Angeles hack affects 400,000 patients

For months, hackers Have Public infrastructure for Iran, From the train to the gas station to the airline. This seems to be an escalation of long-standing tensions with Israel-which shows how cyber attacks have an impact on the real world. In this case, these effects are particularly worrying because they are mainly felt by civilians.

In other regional news, spyware from Israel According to reports, NSO Group was discovered in the phone calls of nearly a dozen officials from the US State DepartmentThe victim either lives in Uganda or is dealing with issues related to the country. This incident exposed how weak the NSO Group’s rationalization of its flagship surveillance products has been, although it is unclear whether there are any measures to curb the near-constant abuses by the authoritarian government.

Security researchers think they have found a better way Discover state-sponsored trolls on Reddit. Malicious applications designed to steal bank information Dive into the Google Play Store And it was downloaded more than 300,00 times before starting.A bug in the cryptocurrency service MonoX Finance lets hackers Escaped with a $31 million robbery.

Facebook will ask Its most dangerous user arrive Put two-step verification On their account.As Android 12 rolls out to more devices, we looked at Privacy settings you should check now. There is also the so-called Puddle attack Become more and more common; we discussed what they are and why they are so insidious.

Finally, I apologize to everyone sports shoes, hacker, with War Games, but matrix It is the best hacker movie ever.

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Between October 7 and October 19, a hacker gained access to the family planning organization’s Los Angeles outpost network and stole data related to 400,000 patients. The organization disclosed to victims that this information includes not only their names, addresses and other identifying information, but also detailed information about their procedures and prescriptions. Although the news was released the same week that the US Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case related to the controversial Mississippi abortion law, the hacking itself appeared to be related to ransomware rather than politically motivated.

We wrote about The so-called inadequacy of predictive policing, Where law enforcement uses data to guess where the crime will occur and who will commit the crime and allocate resources accordingly. This week, new reports from Markup and Gizmodo show that these systems have a disproportionate impact on black and Latino communities. This is a damn deep dive, well worth your time.

Tor is a Priceless anonymous tool It relies on thousands of proxy servers to route encrypted traffic. However, it turns out that an experienced actor has been maliciously running hundreds of such servers. After careful observation, a researcher suspected that they were trying to collect information about people using the Tor network. As reported, the Tor project has been removing malicious servers from the network, but at a certain moment, the threat actors ran as many as 900 at a time.

Earlier this year, router manufacturer Ubiquiti was hacked, and an obvious whistleblower blamed it on external hackers. Now, an indictment from the Department of Justice claims that the incident was actually the work of an insider, and the informant has actually been the assailant. If these allegations are established, it would be a series of incredibly shameless acts, worth a few minutes of screening.

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