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So although the artist likes Final fantasyShibuya Kazuko was subject to the technological limitations of the 1980s game consoles, Neofotitou and Medeiros enjoyed the use of an almost unlimited tool set to create the art of the puzzle box nature set by themselves rather than technically defined. Neofotistou said that this discipline is the difference between modern pixel art and its predecessor. “If I use NES restrictions, can I make the pixels on the screen look better than any NES artist with knowledge, skills, time, or budget at the time?”

Medeiros colleague Maddy Thorson said that pixel art not only has creative meaning, but also opens new doors to the way games are made. Azure.

“The file size of pixel art is very small, we can keep all the game screens Azure In the system RAM,” she explained. AzureThe notorious difficulty is built around the concept of trial and error, where players often die during the game, so much so that there is a cheeky death counter in the game. Storing graphics in RAM allows the player to restart immediately after death, reducing frustration and increasing the feeling of “Oh, I will get it next time!” The feeling that makes the game so addictive.

It also allows Thorson to adjust and reload levels without restarting the game, helping her create AzureComplex level design and pixel perfect platform. “Pixel art is so fast.”

Although Thorson said she is the prototype of 3D game ideas, pixel art is still the most comfortable medium for Extremely OK Games. “It’s about choosing our battle,” she said. “When do we stay in our comfort zone and when do we go out?”

Preserve pixel art graphics for the next game of Extremely OK Games, a game called “2D Exploration Action” Earth Blade, Allowing the team to spend their ambitions on elements such as level design, combat and narrative. Medeiros recalled reading fan comments online and laughed Azure Can run on retro gaming hardware. This is impossible-even if the game does run at a resolution similar to the Game Boy Advance game. With a familiar visual foundation, Medeiros and Thorson brought their world to life in other ways, including techniques that did not exist in the 80s: graphical elements that break the game’s typical 8×8 grid layout, realistic lighting, layered scrolling backgrounds, and impressive Profound special effects.

Some people in the community are not satisfied with modern pixel art games like this Azure Neofotistou says that visual flares are added to the basic knowledge defined decades ago. But for her, this is a sign of an evolving medium. She sees more opportunities for graphic styles and can follow the path paved by pixel art. “This is the reinvention of AAA game roulette by independent games, and it’s very exciting.”

Similarly, Medeiros expects a proliferation of games inspired by PlayStation’s *Tomb Raider-* style low-poly graphics. Just as pixel art has mastered new skills and got rid of stuttering, these 3D games will also be improved for new audiences. “It’s important to make the game look like you remember Look for games of that era, not precise entertainment,” he said.

Pixel perfect

Pixel art once dominated, then was abandoned and revived by artists such as Neofotistou and Medeiros. Driven by the wave of independent game development, their work reveals a mature medium that will continue to exist. Just as the simple pixel art of the 80s gave way to more complex technology in the 90s, a similar evolution is now taking place as pixel art is rediscovered as a modern technology. The limitation of technology lies in tatters; for the future of media, the canvas of possibilities is infinitely vast.

“Pixel art does not need to be classified as retro,” Neofotistou said. “We use the tools best suited to the vision we are trying to achieve.”

Medeiros sees the future of pixel art full of experiments and new technologies. Neofotistou said that even if the current pixel art movement disappears at the end of the indie game boom, things made with pixels will not and will not disappear. We have just touched the surface of what pixel art can provide as a creative medium.

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