The Pentagon sets up a new UFO office, acknowledging “national security issues”

People who may become alien overlords, please pay attention.

The Department of Defense formally established a new office late on Tuesday night, responsible for tracking and organizing UFO sightings throughout the U.S. military, acknowledging that the continued unidentified flying object phenomenon (UAP) will “cause potential national security issues that cannot be ignored.”

In a memorandum to the leaders of the Pentagon, Deputy Secretary of Defense Catherine Hicks said that the Airborne Object Recognition and Management Synchronization Team will coordinate all UAP-related work in the entire military and will act as a joint venture between the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. The main point of contact. .

The establishment of this office is an important step taken by the Pentagon. Until a few years ago, the Pentagon hardly talked about UFO publicly or conducted extremely secret research on unexplainable things. But after a series of videos showing close contact between military pilots and UFOs were released, Ms. Hicks and other officials are now openly discussing potential safety issues caused by UAP, and the Pentagon needs to do more to understand what happened. Over the United States.

Ms. Hicks said in her memo that the existence of UAP “represents the potential safety of flight risks to the crew and raises potential national security issues.”

The head of the UAP office has not been appointed, but that person will be responsible for overseeing the extensive portfolio related to UFO sightings.

“The supervisor…will solve this problem by standardizing UAP incident reports across the department; identifying and reducing gaps in operational and intelligence detection capabilities; collecting and analyzing operational, intelligence, and counterintelligence data; recommending policy, regulatory or statutory changes as appropriate; Determine methods to prevent or mitigate any risks caused by aerial targets; and other activities deemed necessary by the directors,” part of the memorandum.

Ms. Hicks said that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence will also participate in the team.

The Pentagon and ODNI worked together to complete an important UFO report released earlier this year. The report was released in June and determined that most UFOs sighted by U.S. military personnel are still unexplainable, but may involve “breakthrough technologies” that pose a serious threat to national security.

The study does not rule out that visitors from distant galaxies are the cause of more than 100 unexplained UAP sightings by U.S. military personnel.

The Pentagon’s announcement comes as senators from both parties including New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio are pushing for a treatment To resolve amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act to create an “anomaly surveillance and resolution office to coordinate the intelligence work of the U.S. military and related UFOs.”

“If it’s technology owned by a rival or any other entity, we need to know,” Ms. Gillibrand said in an interview with Politico last week. “Burning our heads in the sand is neither a strategy nor an acceptable method.”

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