The pedestal of the statue of Lee, the capital of Virginia, was completely dismantled

Richmond, Va. (Associated Press)-The monument to Robert E. Lee, the capital of Virginia, has been completely demolished and towed away.

As of Friday afternoon, every piece of the 40-foot (12-meter) base of the bronze statue on Monument Avenue in Richmond has disappeared from the traffic circle. WRIC-TV Report. The ground is level and covered with straw to promote grass growth.

Governor Ralph Northam announced in early December that after the 2020 protests related to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the pedestal had been Graffiti overlay— Will be removed, It marks a reversal of the course starting in September. A press release in early December stated that the project is expected to be “essentially complete” on Friday.

During the Freud demonstration, Northam ordered the removal of the unique equestrian work installed in 1890. The lawsuit postponed the removal of the statue until 2021.

Construction Supervisor Mike Spence told WRIC on Friday that it would take approximately 1,300 hours and 21 staff to complete the entire project.

“For me, I am relieved to know that people can walk here now and that it has a greater community purpose than before,” Spencer said, making it clear that he cannot speak on behalf of his company or country.

The removal of the pedestal resulted in the unearth of two time capsules in December, one of which was placed at the groundbreaking ceremony in 1887. Conservation experts removed books, money, ammunition, documents and other artifacts From that capsule on Tuesday.

According to Northam’s office, the fence around the circle will exist until the quality control work is completed.

The property, including the statue and pedestal parts, will be transferred from the state to the city of Richmond.

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