The outspoken former Marine Schiller rejected the political campaign, but vowed to keep talking

After the former Marine Corps lieutenant colonel made a series of severe criticisms on the way his superiors handled the war in Afghanistan, his career collapsed unintentionally into the sunset.

Stuart Scheller (Stuart Scheller) was tried by a military court in December after appearing in a viral video and discharged from the hospital. In the video, he attacked the military leaders’ handling of the way the United States has withdrawn troops from Afghanistan, and sometimes ridiculed the ordering him to cease criticism. Senior officials. After the chaotic and costly withdrawal of American troops from the country, he became a celebrity, and the Pipehitter Foundation of the former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher raised approximately $2.5 million for his legal defense.

Although his political career is clearly not in his immediate future, Mr. Scherer said in an interview with the Marine Corps Times that he hopes to support others who support his cause and are considering running for office.

“I think Congress needs a leader. Now, we have a group of politicians, and I think that is not enough,” he told military publications. “They have proven that many of them don’t have the courage needed to get there.”

Before the military trial began, Mr. Scherer was detained for risk of escape, which caused controversy. According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, he pleaded guilty to five charges, including disrespect for superior officers and deliberate disobedience to superior officers.

He was fined $5,000 and a letter of condemnation, which was much lighter than the punishment originally sought by military prosecutors.

Mr. Scherer opened a website “Authentic Americans” to promote his philosophy, and wrote a book “Commanding Crisis: How We Lost Trust and Confidence in American Generals and Politicians”, which is expected to be published in August. He has said that when deciding which candidates to support, leadership and support for veterans are more important to him than political ideology.

“I will support any candidate that I consider to be a leader — no one is an extremist,” Mr. Scherer told the Washington Examiner recently.

He is an experienced infantry officer who has led the Marine Corps in Afghanistan and served as the battalion commander of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina near the end of the American mission. His first video was released shortly after he was killed in a suicide attack outside the gate of Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on August 26. It included 11 marines trying to assist the Taliban in the rebellion. The hastily evacuation of American and Allied personnel is taking over the country.

He said that the country’s top military leaders need to recognize their role in Afghanistan’s failed 20-year endeavor.

“I really believe that the Marine Corps has the best talent in all military departments. But I also do believe that the military needs to undergo fundamental changes,” he said in his final court statement. “I have observed that the generals are unable or unwilling to hold themselves accountable.”

After his video got him into trouble, Mr. Scheller said that no one in his command system in the Lejeune battalion called to ask him about his condition, even though they ordered him to undergo a psychiatric assessment. This prompted him to continue posting videos that eventually led to his trial in a military court.

“I just realized that the Marine Corps doesn’t care about me, and no one has resolved the content of my statement,” he told the Marine Corps Times. “That was when I made my second video. I thought,’If you don’t care about me, I don’t care about you.'”

Mr. Schiller told the Marine Corps Times that his “Political Action Committee for Veterans with Disabilities” has so far supported an unnamed group of 25 congressional candidates, including 5 candidates for the Senate. Although arguing that his political activism is not partisan, Mr. Scherer told the publication that he has so far only contributed to Republicans.

Mr. Scherer stated on his website that he wanted to provide what he called a “discussion platform.”

“This platform not only welcomes different opinions, but also requires different opinions,” the website said. “However, excessive accusations, accusations, or divisions directed at individuals, factions, or political parties cannot be tolerated. … One of the current problems in the United States is that rationality is overwhelmed by the clamor of emotions. Please check your emotions, political education, and self at the door.”

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