The NFL’s YouTube page called Aaron Rogers “Throwing Logan” in the video title

During the November Aaron Rodgers vaccination controversy, fans online came up with an attractive nickname for the quarterback who recently cheated the media about his vaccination.

One of the most popular nicknames is “Throw Logan”-this is a show named after the podcast Joe Logan, Rogers mentioned in his defense that he was the person he contacted in order to recover from COVID-19 .

On Sunday, thanks to the NFL’s official YouTube account, the nickname of the MVP front-runner made a comeback. After the Packers’ victory over Minnesota at the “Sunday Night Football Game”, one of the many short videos on the NFL’s YouTube account was titled “Throw Logan and pick up another one and fall first.”

The account later changed the title, replacing the nickname with Rogers’ real name, but some fans on Twitter and Reddit commented on the title via the original screenshot. Searching for “Throw Rogan” on Google will also show YouTube videos, and almost every video comment is related to the use of a nickname.

“Someone will be fired, but it’s worth it,” one Redditor wrote.

For more information, please visit the Washington Times COVID-19 Resources page.

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