The Navy says the drinking water wells in Pearl Harbor are contaminated with oil

Critical wells used by military personnel and their families in Pearl Harbor were contaminated with oil. navy Officials said late Thursday that this has triggered what some lawmakers call an “astronomical crisis,” which is problematic for the tens of thousands of people who now have access to clean water.

this navy Said that samples collected from the Red Mountain well used by service personnel stationed at the Hickam Joint Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, detected “petroleum hydrocarbons” in the water.

“There are now multiple signs that the source has been identified and quarantined, navy A plan is being developed to restore the drinking water system to EPA standards, determine how this pollutant enters the well, and repair the well,” navyThe Pacific Fleet said in a statement. “this navyThe first task is to keep sailors, civilians, their families, and all the properties of Joint Base Hickam in Pearl Harbor to live and work and use navyThe water is safe and healthy. “

But angry lawmakers said more work must be done.

“this navy There is currently an astronomical crisis in Hawaii,” Hawaii Democratic Representative Kai Kahele said at the House of Representatives hearing. navy Official Thursday. “Almost 100,000 people do not have water. Our military family is getting sick. The animal is sick. Our military family needs answers, and Oahu needs answers.”

The Hawaii Department of Health said earlier this week that it has received more than 175 complaints about the issue, all of which are from users of the site. navyWater system. Users of the system reported a fuel-like smell in the water, which led to the latest round of testing.

Hawaii State officials recommended that “all navy Water system users should avoid using water for drinking, cooking or oral hygiene,” the state health department said in a If users of water systems detect fuel-like odors in their water, they should avoid using the water for drinking, cooking, bathing, washing dishes, laundry or oral hygiene (brushing teeth, etc.). “

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