The Navy commissioned the destroyer to be named after Daniel Inoue, late senator and Medal of Honor recipient

The late Senator Daniel Inoue was only 17 years old when he was studying at McKinley High School in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 7, 1941, when Japan attacked the US naval base in Pearl Harbor. He rushed to the Red Cross station to help sailors and civilians injured in the raid.

On Tuesday, on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of “Infamous Day,” the Navy will commission the future USS Daniel Inoue to commemorate the combat team who were awarded the Medal of Honor in Italy for World War II along with the famous 442nd Infantry Regiment. The 442nd Regiment, nicknamed “Go For Broke”, is a quarantine force composed of Japanese Americans, many of whom even volunteered to join after being sent to a detention camp after the Pearl Harbor incident.

From 1963 to his death in 2012, Inoue served on the U.S. Senate on behalf of Hawaii.

“The late Senator Daniel Inoue spent all his life in public service, whether in uniform or out,” said Secretary of the Navy Carlos del Toro, who will preside over the service ceremony of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer. His “life is worthy of emulation. The crew of this warship will not only be inspired by his legacy, but will also stand guard with the honor and dignity that the ship named after him deserves.”


这艘驱逐舰有 329 名船员和士兵。 它长近 510 英尺,配备了改进的防空和导弹防御能力。 它能够快速检测现代空战和弹道导弹防御威胁并做出反应。 官员在一份声明中说,阿利伯克级导弹驱逐舰是海军水面舰队的支柱。

井上的妻子于 2020 年 4 月去世。这对夫妇的孙女、儿媳和井上的前任参谋长将在投产仪式上下令“操纵我们的船,让她复活”。

周二的仪式结束后,丹尼尔·井上号航空母舰很快就会过去。 珍珠港-希卡姆联合基地将成为驱逐舰的母港。

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