The Nationals were sold before the deadline and defeated the Cubs 4-3

Washington — Josh Bell and Luis Garcia hit home runs and the Washington Nationals defeated Chicago Cubs 4-3 Friday night, a few hours after the dismantling of the two franchises to complete the transaction deadline.

The core of the two recent world championships-Chicago in 2016, Washington In 2019-as both teams acknowledged the need to rebuild, they were scattered among the competitors. Both are done thoroughly, Washington Eight veterans were traded in six transactions within two days. Chicago also made six transactions in the 24 hours before the deadline.

When the weekend series starts a few hours after the deadline, Cub The mainstays Javier Baez, Chris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo have been traded. The same goes for Nationals’ stars Max Scherzer, Kyle Schwarber and Trea Turner.

Replaced by an improved lineup, and opportunities for Friday and the rest of the season.

“I think the theme now is chance,” said Nationals rescuer Kyle Finnegan, who didn’t score in his second save in so many days. “You will see different faces, newcomers, throwing the ball in different positions, hitting the ball in different positions, the players start the game, it is exciting to see the players seize these opportunities and see what they can do.”

Garcia is a 21-year-old second baseman who might gain a lot of playing time when Turner was traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. He quickly took advantage of Chicago’s Jack Alita (5-10) in the second game. Single run.

Paul Espino (3-2) is the same, he Washington It was not until the afternoon when Jon Lester was handed over to St. Louis that he was named the starting pitcher of the night. Espino pitched a career-high 5 1/3 innings, beating Rafael Ortega’s doubles for the only time in the third game. Since June 28, he has scored 4 hits and strikeouts at the same time. This is his first victory since June 28.

Espino said: “No matter what role is assigned to me, I will do my best to do my best, 100%, to give the team a chance to win.” “This is my goal. Whether it is the beginning, the relief, the end, anything.”

This Cub Patrick Wisdom had previously ended 4-3 in two consecutive victories in the eighth game Washington Rookie Gabe Klobosits survived. Finnegan allowed a leading single in the ninth inning, and then induced a doubles kick and lineout to end it.

“I can’t see the guys, names and Malaysians we are used to seeing there. It’s a bit different, but I’m satisfied with the way these guys fight tonight.” Cub Manager David Rose said.

Arrieta, who was activated from the injury list on Friday, allowed two runs in four innings in his first start since July 6.

Bell hit his 17th home run in the fifth inning, and Adam Morgan single-handedly rewritten the score to 3-1. Yadiel Hernandez added an RBI double in the sixth game.

training room

Cub: Selected contracts from OF Johneshwy Fargas from Triple-A, Iowa, Manuel Rodríguez and Michael Rucker from RHP, OF/INF Andrew Romine and 1B Frank Schwindel. Rucker and Rodríguez both made their major league debuts, Rucker allowed to run in two innings, and Rodríguez hit two innings with a perfect eight.

Nationals: C Tres Barrera from Triple-A Rochester was recalled, and Klobosits from Rochester and INF Adrián Sanchez were selected for the contract.

NATS logo preferred

Washington Signed first-round rookie Brady House. The shortstop at Wind Barrow High School in Georgia is No. 11 in this year’s MLB Draft.

Castro suspended

Washington INF Starling Castro was suspended for 30 games without pay for violating Major League Baseball’s policies on domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse, and was fined an undisclosed amount. Major League Baseball said that under the terms of the suspension, Castro will not be eligible for the playoffs and will be required to undergo evaluation and treatment.

The Nationals said they will release him after Castro’s suspension ends. “We take all allegations of abuse and harassment very seriously,” the team said in a statement. “We fully support the commissioner’s decision.”


Cub: RHP Kyle Hendrix (12-4, 3.85 ERA) is a 3-2 and 3.06 ERA of eight career starters Washington.

Nationals: RHP Joe Ross (5-8, 3.80), cast five innings without scoring in Philadelphia on Monday. This is his second start since returning from the injury list.

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