The Most Influential Story of All Time “The Onion”

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Living in America often feels familiar, groundhog day But Bill Murray played less piano. Its citizens woke up to a country recovering from another mass shooting and felt as if they were still in a nightmare.No title captures this sense of despair better than this one onion: “‘There’s no way to stop this,’ only the state where it happens a lot would say.” Pulling it up again after another mass shooting — like this week in Uval, Texas The shooting in Germany, which took the lives of 19 children and two adults – felt like part of a horrific cycle.

onion know this. It has been publishing a version of that story since 2014, after an incident in Isla Vista, California, left six people dead and many injured. The site reposts every time another mass murder occurs in the US – 21 times since Isla Vista. They’re nearly identical, only the details of the shooting have changed to reflect the new location and number of people killed, but the rest — like the cycle of despair that occurs after each event — remains the same. On Wednesday, as details of the Uvalde school’s death emerged, onion Cover their homepage with each individual story and post them all in one long Twitter thread.

onionThe move shows not only the horrific frequency of gun violence in the U.S., but also the sickening cycle of coping that ensues. Americans now know that each incident was followed by multiple calls for gun control, political obstruction, and ultimately little action. Sharing the story, then, becomes a distracted person reminding himself that there is some consensus that things shouldn’t be like this. Jason Roeder, who originally wrote the title eight years ago, said a lot Rolling Stones this week. “I fear it’s just another part of the mass shooting ritual — thoughts and prayers, don’t get politicized, #GunControlNow, etc.,” he said. “But I usually think of the title as a concise indictment of a culture hypnotized by guns that shows people dying for the death penalty of fourth graders or standing in the frozen food aisle.”

Over the years, I’ve been almost committed to originality onion Article memory. In each iteration, it begins with a sentence stating the location of the attack and the number of people killed or injured, ending with “citizens living in the only country where such mass killings are reported to have occurred regularly,” concluded Tuesday, Is there a way to stop the Holocaust.” Read it again this time, and it becomes more relevant — not to point out the frequency of shootings, and some actions, like stricter gun laws, that might affect them — but Because it also echoes a shocking detail that emerged on Wednesday that the headlines were circulating.Onlookers at Uvald Rob Elementary School reportedly ask the police Went to school to stop the Holocaust, but they didn’t. Javier Casares, who lost his fourth-grade daughter in the attack, told The Associated Press that he advised those who gathered to go to the school. “Let’s rush in because the police didn’t do anything they were supposed to do,” he said. “Could have done more.”

At a news conference on Thursday, law enforcement officials opposing Questions about whether parents are trying to get into schools to save their children. The adequacy of the police response to the Uwald shooting will be determined over time, but in any case, Casares’ statement is largely true: More could have been done. Most Americans want tougher gun laws, but probably not enough for politicians to enact them. Could have done more before Tuesday’s shoot, could have done more during the shoot, could have done more now. onionThe title is still relevant because the U.S. has never done everything preventively.And, as Rhodes said Rolling Stones“If it helps people channel their grief, anger and despair, that’s a good 12 words.”

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