The Morning After: Technology to help realize New Year’s resolutions

Welcome to the new year. How are these resolutions progressing? (do not worry, We can help.)

Contrary to my expectations, CES 2022 is still being held.However, the organizer has announced that the technology exhibition will be Cut short One day later, as COVID-19 cases continued to surge.It also started a bit early, with some From Samsung, including , And the upgraded ecological TV remote control, it can use your WiFi wave to get energy.

It is expected that there will be a week of hardware release, even if there are limited opportunities to use and evaluate these new devices without attending in person.

-Matt Smith

But will it appeal to anyone other than PC gaming enthusiasts?

The latest concept of Alienware can be boiled down to a game server running on your home network. As Engadget saw in a recent demo in New York City, you can imagine running two games on the TV at the same time. Since all rendering and network processing are done in your home, the latency experience of Nyx will also be lower than that of traditional cloud games.

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The hand warmer setting may help you regain health.


To help relieve tired gloves, the Japanese company Bauhutte has created a hand massager for gamers. The device is suitable for any hand, each finger has a 15-layer airbag, and the palm has a finger pressure plate. There are two main options: one is to focus on the acupressure mode of the whole hand, and the other is to focus on stretching the fingers.

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You can also find your case more easily.

Now that the third-generation AirPods provide some of the same functions as AirPods Pro, how will Apple’s high-end wireless earbuds stand out? Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that Apple will launch the second-generation Pro earbuds that support Apple Lossless (ALAC) audio in the fall. Kuo expects that the updated headset will provide a “new shape design”, and it is said that the new headset will include a charging box that can emit sound, just like AirTags, which can help you find it behind the sofa cushion.

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The 2022 Eco Remote has a white option to match Samsung’s lifestyle TV.



Samsung modified its solar-powered remote control that debuted at CES last year. In addition to using light to charge the battery, Samsung said the latest Eco Remote can convert the radio waves of the router into energy to keep it fully charged. There is also a solar panel on the back of the remote control, which is also made of recycled materials.

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Due to the repeated spread of COVID-19 misinformation.

After the fifth “strike” for spreading COVID-19 misinformation, Twitter has banned the personal account of Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. The fifth strike means that this is a permanent ban.

In the past year, she claimed in July that COVID-19 is not dangerous unless you are 65 years old or obese, and in August that the vaccine “failed” against the Delta variant of the new coronavirus. Both of these claims are untrue. These posts resulted in 12 hours and 1 week suspensions, respectively. At the time of writing, her official account is still active because it does not violate Twitter’s rules.Besides, she may have to wait

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