The Morning After: Airbnb Tests Anti-Party Technology

Airbnb, which announced a permanent ban on parties on hosting properties back in June, is testing Anti-Party Technology in the US and Canada. Not that these tools are real-world party crash gadgets. The tools focus on when customers book a property, looking at several factors to detect “potentially high-risk bookings.” They take into account factors such as how long a potential guest has had an Airbnb account, how close the listing is to where they are, and their history of positive reviews. For example, it might flag a weekend plan for a one- or two-night stay in the guest’s home city. In Australia, where Airbnb first tested the tools, it said it reduced unauthorized parties by 35 percent.

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Update your home’s emergency kit today.


Climate change has turned the American West into a powder keg. Since 1895, the average temperature since the beginning of the century has been 2 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than any other point on record. Much of California will be affected—coastal cities, urban-wildland junctions, and anywhere in the rural middle. So here are some gear and techniques to help with this summer’s fire season.

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The Netflix app’s code indicates that subscribers of this tier will not be able to download.

Netflix’s upcoming ad-supported tier may not be the best streaming option for commuters and other viewers watching on the go. Developer Steve Moser found this text in the code of the service’s iPhone app: “All plans except Netflix are downloadable and offer ads.” In short, no offline viewing.streaming services tell tech crunch: “We’re still in the early stages of deciding how to roll out a low-priced ad-supported option, and no decisions have been made.”

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The company may be held liable for linking to a defamatory website.

google in its on a potentially defamatory web link. Australia’s High Court has ruled that Google’s search results links “merely facilitate access” to an allegedly defamatory story — Google had no involvement in writing or distributing the content. The decision could have wide-ranging implications for internet companies operating in Australia.

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Our favorite machines are used for classes on campus, online and anywhere in between.

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small tools

Whether you’re heading to a physical campus, taking classes online, or both, your laptop is sure to be the control center for your studies. Getting a new machine can help you stay on schedule and handle multitasking in dozens of tabs dedicated to research as you write your paper. Given that we’re still dealing with ongoing inflation and a global shortage of chips, you might be concerned about rising prices or possible stockpiling. The good news is that the company is still making a ton of new laptops, and there are plenty of models for you to consider.

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