The Ministry of Justice establishes a national cryptocurrency enforcement team

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U.S. Department of Justice Already announced A new investigative team was formed to focus on the “criminal abuse” that undermines cryptocurrencies. This team is called the National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team, or NCET for short, and its targets are illegal cryptocurrency exchanges, money launderers, and other annoying elements that occupy the dark corners of the digital currency underworld.

“Today, we are launching a national cryptocurrency law enforcement team to use the department’s network and money laundering expertise to strengthen our ability to dismantle financial entities that enable criminals to thrive through the abuse of cryptocurrency platforms-frankly , Is for profit -” Deputy Public Prosecutor General Lisa Monaco said in a statement. “As technology advances, the department must also evolve so that we are ready to eradicate abuse on these platforms and ensure user confidence in these systems.”

Since its inception, cryptocurrency has been a hotbed of fraud, money laundering, and almost every other financial crime you can think of.Sometimes, the extent to which evil acts define the industry has always been absurd, If not through and through funnyFrom this perspective, it makes sense that law enforcement agencies want to crack down on the worst players in the industry.However, more importantly, encryption is largely Accused It has contributed to the ransomware crisis in the United States-federal law enforcement agencies increasingly want to combat this threat.

like this, The U.S. Department of Justice stated in a press release on Wednesday that NCET will focus on “preventing, sabotaging, investigating and prosecuting crimes that abuse cryptocurrency, and recovering the illegal proceeds of these crimes as much as possible.” Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite further commented that the new team will continue to carry out the work that has been undertaken by the Criminal Division of the Ministry of Justice to combat crimes on cryptocurrency platforms.

“The criminal department has become a leader in investigating and prosecuting crimes of misuse of cryptocurrency,” Polite said. “The creation of this team will be built on this leadership position, by combining and coordinating the expertise of the entire department in this evolving field, to investigate and prosecute fraudulent abuse of cryptocurrencies, illegal money laundering and other crimes. Activity.”

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