The Mila Kunis project was sold out in 35 minutes, and cats once again caused chaos on Ethereum

After actress Mila Kunis’ NFT project sold out within 35 minutes, the tokenized cat once again caused chaos on the Ethereum network.

It echoes the launch of CryptoKitties, another cat-based NFT project, which was known for disrupting the Ethereum network in 2017.

The launch of Stoner Cats was initially delayed by one day because the team found a Errors in the underlying art layerHowever, according to the disastrous pun of Stoner Cats, the second attempt was successful, and it was sold out only at the price of “35 meows”.

The price of natural gas has skyrocketed as NFT collectors snapped up the first batch of Stoner Cats at 0.35 ETH each, with a cap of 10,420 NFTs, which was worth approximately $804 at the time of writing. According to the project’s website, another 3,000 new NFTs will be released in the first quarter.

DeFiprime, a decentralized financial analysis company, joked on Twitter that “cats blocked Ethereum as usual” and shared data on the chain, showing that ETH gas fees have soared, from 200 Gwei ($9.50) for slow transactions to 709 Gwei (Between 33.67 USD)) for quick transactions.

According to Dune Analytics, the total value is also 344.4 ETH (793,000 USD) lost Failed Stoner Cats transaction.

Stoner Cats is an animated series This is supported by NFT, and the characters are dubbed by celebrities including Kunis, Jane Fonda, Ashton Kutcher, Seth McFarlane and Chris Rock. NFT grants the owner the right to watch the program, the project uses NFT sales to finance Its production.

Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin He is also the voice actor for the role known as “Lord Catsinton”, and he is described as a “spiritual guide.”

Investors are now listing NFTs on OpenSea, StonerCat NFT depicting Buterin’s role is currently online Sale 77 ETH is worth about $177,000-the percentage increase is about 9500%.The NFT portraying the role of Seth McFarlane is playing Sale 420 ETH, or more than 960,000 USD.

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However, this short-lived surge pales in comparison with CryptoKitties, where the famous “Break Ethereum“As early as 2017, it met the overwhelming demand.

Cointelegraph reported in May 2020 that a surprise CrypoKitties fall floods Nifty NFT market After a large number of collectors poured into the platform and caused a series of service problems, such as slowness and transaction failure.