The Mandalorian season 3 footage description: Groggu and Bocatan

The Mandalorian fights the Panzer Division.

this episode Book of Boba Fett is the key I hand out third episode.
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since tThe Mandalorian From Moff Gideon, another showdown is inevitable. Bo-Katan Kryze believes she’s destined to have Sabre, but, alas, she did not.while in third episode The Mandalorian, this will be a problem. “You thought you wouldn’t get rid of me that easily, did you?” actress Katie Sackhoff said as she took the stage exist star wars Celebrating in Anaheim. “I may have some unfinished business.”

Sackhoff cheer up there The fact that she came back The Mandalorian third episode, Co-creators Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni aired a quick trailer for the season, with Bo-Katan featured prominently. Trailers won’t be posted online —Because the show won’t premiere until next year —but io9 is there, What do we see here.

We See Mando (Pedro Pascal) towards A pile of jagged rocks. Armored Division (Emily Swallow), in voiceover, speak. “You’ve taken off your helmet. Worse yet, yYou do this out of your own free will. You are no longer The Mandalorian. “When this happened, we saw her, and Mando and Grogu, Go into a cave.Grogu’s stroller has lights on it“Redemption is no longer possible since our homeland was destroyed,” she continued.

Next, we see Bo-Katan in a gorgeous large stone room. She sits on a well—Sculpted, long, almost stone sofa. “Your cult abandoned Mandalore long before the Great Purge,” she told Mando. Filled with venom in her delivery. “Where were you then?” A montage of shots followed, including dogsFight Mando’s new ship with Grogu sitting in front of him, then overhead glance Several Mandalorians on a mission.

Then a bright city.almost from gondor Lord of the Rings It was dawn and a group of kovac monkey lizards were hanging from a tree. Mando stands under a tree next to a fountain, while Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) Come out in a brand new red robe. “I heard you came back, but I don’t believe it,” He says, Regards Mando. He seems to be in a position of some kind of power.Then, in a quick montage, we see a new role saturday night live Alum Tim Meadows, Pershing Physician (Omid Attahi), and Kasentiva (Paul Sun-Heng Lee), the latter Who Appears to be promoted from an X-Wing pilot. Also, there are some new robots here and there.

“I’m going to Mandalore so that I may be forgiven for my transgressions,”Mando says. Then a montage of more ships, more dogfighting, Doctor Pershing walking on some kind of base, as well as lots of different shots of Bo-Katan looking at things—in person, through a starship, etc. And then in a cave, Bo-Katan shoots a wall in front of Grogu. It crumbles down, she turns to him and says, “Did you think your dad was the only Mandalorian?”

You can gleam a few things from the footage, most of them rather telegraphed from the last episodes of the show as well as the more recent Mando-themed episodes of The Book of Boba Fett. First, Bo-Katan has a huge role here and might even be the main antagonist. Second, lots of Doctor Pershing, so maybe we learn more about Grogu’s abilities. And third, the story teased on The Book of Boba Fett, of how Mando must go to Mandalore to be redeemed, feels like the primary storyline. Or so we think from this 60 or so second tease.

The Mandalorian season three has finished filming and will be on Disney+ in 2023.

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