The leaked “Fortnite” Chapter 3 trailer shows a new island and Spider-Man

Fort night Chapter 2 Just now Come to an end, But this does not prevent detectives from finding out the content of Chapter 3.As Kotaku learnt, A brief introduction to the game’s official Polish YouTube channel shared The Chapter 3 trailer reveals many plan changes to the Battle Royale fighters.You can look forward to a new island (and new characters, including war machineMarcus and Kate and Spider-Man-even seem to be swinging on the net like you see Insomniac’s Spider-Man game, Let alone a locale like Daily Bugle.

Chapter 3 will add some new mechanisms on the basis of new weapons and items. You can slide (see Chapter 2 Ending) and build camps to heal your squad and store items that can be used in future matches.There is even a certain degree of star power: The Foundation, a character dubbed by Dwayne Johnson, It will be carried forward from Chapter 2 Shutdown.

It is not clear when Chapter 3 will debut.However, Epic is not afraid to repeat history and Kick the player out of Fort night With the end of the previous chapter. Chapter 2 ended in a dramatic way, the Foundation helped defeat the invasion of the Rubik’s Cube Queen and turned the entire island upside down. If you insist on participating in the game, you will get stuck and have no choice but to quit the game. Obviously, Epic is betting that this dramatic strategy will work again.

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