The last victim collapsed in a Florida apartment building

Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Associated Press)-A relative said on Monday that the final victim of the collapse of an apartment building in Florida has been identified. This was the midnight disaster that eventually claimed 98 lives and became the largest in state history. Non-hurricane-related emergency response.

Estelle Hedaya is an extrovert 54-year-old who loves to travel. She was the last person to be identified and ended the painful four-week waiting period that her relatives said. Her brother Ikey Hedaya confirmed the news to the Associated Press. The funeral is scheduled for Tuesday.

Just a few days ago, rescuers formally ended the arduous and emotionally heavy task of removing the layer of dangerous debris and pulling out dozens of corpses.

“Whenever she encounters any difficulties, she always mentions God,” he said, adding that he draws strength from God, just as he saw his sister doing in difficult times.

Most of the site where the Champlain Tanan collapsed by the sea occurred on June 24 was swept away, and the rubble was moved to a warehouse in Miami. Although the forensic scientist and rabbi are still working, including checking the debris in the warehouse, seeking to find any additional remains and personal belongings.

Fire Chief Allen Kominsky said that in the end, the staff found no evidence that anyone who was found dead survived the initial collapse.

The search team spent several weeks battling the dangers of rubble, including shaky and unstable parts above buildings, recurring fires, and the suffocating summer heat and thunderstorms in Florida. They processed more than 14,000 tons (13,000 metric tons) of broken concrete and steel bars before finally announcing the completion of the mission.

Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said at a press conference on Monday: “For the past 33 days, they have been looking for rubble, just like looking for their own rubble.”

The city search and rescue team of the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Team left the scene on Friday in a convoy of firetruck and other vehicles. Officials paid tribute to their bravery, saying that they worked 12-hour shifts while camping on site and had to deal with a heavy emotional burden.

The tragedy in the small town of Surfside triggered love from all sides. The locals donated their houses and apartments to the victims, donated children’s colored cards to rescuers, donated piles of food, and raised money for the victims. Tens of millions of dollars. victim.

The mayor expressed the hope that these goodwill will “strongly and persistently remind us of how close we really are in the best of times or the worst of times.”

The dead included members of the large Orthodox Jewish community in the area, the sister of the Paraguayan first lady, her family and their nanny, as well as the local salesman, his wife and their two young daughters, 4 and 11 years old. In the family of four, who is Buried in the same coffin.

Linda March is a 58-year-old lawyer and a former New Yorker. She and Hedaya are close friends. Strangely, these two people are the last three identified victims, as well as the 24-year-old Canadian Anastasia Gromova (Anastasia Gromova).

Leah Sutton (Leah Sutton) has known Hedaya since she was born and considers herself her second mother. She said that she and March are both “powers that cannot be ignored.”

“My two beautiful, fearless, and fearless friends were left to the end and have to believe that they have a reason to be the last,” she said on Monday. “Ester’s love for God is incredible and unwavering.”

At the same time, it is not yet clear what will happen to the collapse site. A judge who presided over several lawsuits filed after the collapse hoped to sell the property at market prices, which would bring in an estimated income of $100 million or more. Some apartment owners want to rebuild, while others say a memorial should be erected to commemorate the dead.


Associated Press writer David Fischer from Miami


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