The last chance to join the Aventus Staking program and profit from more than 58 million enterprise-level Layer-2 transactions

Unlike other layer 2 blockchain solutions, Aventus is enterprise-level and has agreed to receive more than 58 million transactions from various customers in various industries.

The Aventus Staking Program is 80% complete and has begun to process the first of at least 58 million transactions.

The company’s publicly stated goal is to reach 1 billion level 2 transactions in the next few years. As part of the network proof-of-stake transaction verification model, Stakers will receive their share of transaction fees. The mortgage process will be closed when it is full.

Here is everything you need to know about the Aventus Staking program and how to join before the program ends.

About Aventus Network

Originally a blockchain-based ticketing solution to combat ticket fraud, it has now expanded into a customizable layer 2 blockchain network, enabling enterprises and dapps to be built on Ethereum and other chains on a large scale, with 100 times the Speed ​​and 1% speed to process transactions. cost.

Everyone knows that Ethereum fees are at a record high and scalability is limited to 13 transactions per second. This is not enough.

Aventus Network is a layer 2 solution that brings the scale and privacy of permissioned blockchains and the security and interoperability of public blockchains-without any disadvantages.

All current and future transactions will also flow through the mainnet.You can find complete transparency of all Aventus Network traffic and fees at the following location

More importantly, due to the existence of many Ethereum competitors and other private/permitted networks, Aventus is built using substrates, which makes it easy to become a parachain and benefit from complete Polkadot interoperability-to achieve cross-chain enterprise first 2-tier scale.

A major upgrade of the Aventus network now supports NFT cross-chain

According to reports, during 2021, Aventus has established a branch of Polkadot’s Substrate to solve real-world problems and has established strong relationships with a series of ambitious high-growth companies from ticketing giant Live Nation France. Bloomberg And video game content platforms (such as fruitlab) to credit card cashback programs (such as cashbackAPP).

Now, a major update of the Aventus Network platform architecture will promote exciting new NFT partnerships, which will reshape and reignite the market.

Creators can now mint NFTs on the Aventus network mainnet at a fraction of the cost of any other blockchain network. Aventus NFT is fully compatible with Ethereum NFT, so it can be seamlessly moved from one blockchain to another.

In addition, unlike other NFT blockchains, the NFT-Manager tray on the Aventus blockchain is designed to support royalties and be directly built into the blockchain. This ensures that creators who should receive royalties can make provable claims for their royalties through an immutable ledger.

This major upgrade of NFT expands the attractiveness of the network as a full-service blockchain solution suitable for any department, any application, and any innovative Related fees were paid.

Aventus team

Aventus Network is the brainchild of co-founder and CEO Alan Vey, who earned Forbes Under 30 for his work as co-founder and CEO of Aventus Network 30 people award.

Before entering the blockchain, Alan worked in Deloitte’s entrepreneurial business unit and the macro hedge fund Brevan Howard. He completed a master’s degree in artificial intelligence at Imperial College London. His master’s thesis was on blockchain technology, during which he co-founded Aventus.

Supporting Alan is an experienced leadership and consulting team. It is worth noting that a key advisor is Danny Masters, the executive chairman of CoinShares. The company has accumulated more than $3B of assets in the XBT Provider listed products and attracted more than 40,000 customers.

Introduction to the $AVT and Aventus Staking program with more than 58 million agreement transactions

Using the Proof-of-Stake node validator model, Aventus Network pays validators a share of each transaction they process on their $AVT staked node.

As you can see, the total maximum supply is only 10 million AVTs, and the market value is less than $5 million

The network relies on AVT holders as validators, who process transactions in exchange for fees. Aventus Network will start 10 nodes, each with the same probability of choosing to process transactions (ie 10% probability).

Each node will earn fees associated with the transactions processed, with an average of $0.01 per transaction. Each node will own a total of 250,000 AVT shares.

The payment of the verifier’s transaction fee reward is proportional to the number of AVTs associated with the verifier and the node. For example, if the holder owns 25,000 of the node’s 250,000 AVT, they will receive 10% of the node’s all transaction fee rewards.

According to Blake, an active Aventus Telegram member, Staking yields are better than crypto lending platforms such as Nexo. In addition, since the supply of Aventus is fixed, the pledge reward won will not dilute your original holdings.

Blake commented: “Many staking rewards from other projects may provide higher yields, but in reality, you don’t really earn anything because these staking rewards come from minting more tokens and increasing the total token supply. quantity.”

How to pledge

Verifiers will be able to withdraw a proportional share of transaction fees related to their nodes on a monthly basis.

The validator will be able to deposit any number of AVTs into any of the 10 nodes using the provided Ethereum smart contract. The smart contract undergoes security audits by an independent third party.

The validator registration program is currently 80% complete and will be closed immediately at 100%.

Register now to pledge

You can find a step-by-step guide on how to bet at the following URL

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