The Israeli was stabbed in Jerusalem and the suspect fled on foot

Jerusalem (Associated Press)-Israeli police said that on Wednesday, an Israeli woman was stabbed and seriously injured in a tense neighborhood in East Jerusalem, and the suspect fled.

The Magen David Adom Emergency Service stated that the 30-year-old woman was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

The stabbing occurred in Sheikh Jarrah. During the decades-long legal battle, several large Palestinian families were at risk of being deported by Jewish settlers. The protests and clashes with the police that took place there last spring fuelled the 11-day war in Gaza.

Due to the heavy traffic of commuters in the morning, sirens can be heard echoing nearby.

A few days ago, a Palestinian stabbed an Israeli man and attempted to stab a paramilitary border police officer, just outside the Old City of Jerusalem, about one mile (1.6 km) from Sheikh Jala.Border police Shot and killed the attacker.

Last month, a Hamas militant opened fire in the Old City of Jerusalem. Killed one Israeli and wounded four others Before being shot and killed by the police.

In the 1967 war, Israel occupied East Jerusalem, including the Old City and the main holy sites for Jews, Christians, and Muslims, and annexed it in an internationally unrecognized move. It treats the entire city as a unified capital.

The Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of their future country. The fate of this city was one of the most difficult issues in the peace negotiations more than a decade ago.

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