The Israeli Defense Minister and the French Defense Minister discuss the National Bureau of Statistics

Jerusalem (Associated Press)-On Tuesday, a government statement stated that the Israeli Defense Minister will meet the French Defense Minister in Paris this week and the two will discuss the Israeli spyware company NSO.

The Ministry of Defense said that Benny Gantz will go to meet Florence Pali on Wednesday. The ministry also stated that the Minister of Defense will discuss the Lebanon crisis and nuclear negotiations between world powers and Iran.

Last week, a French newspaper reported that a Moroccan security agency may be targeting the phones of French President Emmanuel Macron and other French government members. Earlier reports suggested that Israel’s National Bureau of Statistics may have been used to target multiple phones. Politicians, activists, and journalists from two countries. .

The Moroccan government denied wrongdoing, and the National Bureau of Statistics denied that Macron was the target. Macron held an emergency meeting last week to consider possible actions.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense, which authorizes the export of NSO, stated that it is “only for legal use by government entities and only for the purpose of preventing and investigating crime and counter-terrorism”. It stated that it considered national security and strategic considerations.

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