The idea of ​​Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves reuniting on screen is pure excellence

Speaking of fashion magazine Regarding the profile of her co-star “Speed”, Brock said that she “other than filming a comedy with Keanu before we all die, what she likes the most is.” (Stern, but okay.)

“He is funny. We can live to be seventy-five years old-that would be even better, like the’cocoon’ of the elderly,” she told the publication. “We play two interesting old people. A road trip. Put us in the RV like old people. This will be the bookend of the’speed’! We will only drive very slowly. Annoy the world. This is our movie. .”

Although waiting 18 years for this to happen does not sound appealing, the spirit of the idea is solid. Hollywood, your move.

Elsewhere in the profile, writer Ryan D’Agostino (Ryan D’Agostino) tells of Bullock’s relationship with “The Matrix” actor About the iconic action movies of the early 90s and the bonds they shared afterwards. (In 2006, they appeared in “The Lake House” again.) Although they had never had a romantic experience, she said that Reeves was and still is a very thoughtful person.

She told a story. In her conversation with Reeves, she casually mentioned that she had never drunk champagne or truffles, but a few days later he showed up at her door with flowers, champagne and truffles.

“That’s what I mean, it drives you crazy,” Bullock told the magazine. “When I met him for the first time, I would spend as much time as possible to fill the silence just to make myself comfortable. The more I talk nonsense, the quieter he will become. I think, I I don’t understand what happened! He looked at me with confused eyes. He was quiet. Did I say something that offended him? Then a day or two later, he will arrive with a note or a small package, Say,’I thought of what you said.’ He will get his response.”

She added: “How many such people do you know?”

One, Sandra.The internet will say that he is thrilling.

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