The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency said Iran talks were inconclusive

Reuters, Vienna, November 24-Rafael Grossi, the head of the UN Atomic Energy Supervisory Agency, told his agency’s board of directors on Wednesday that his negotiations on Iran’s nuclear program in Tehran this week have proved fruitless.

Grossi said: “On November 23, 2021, I met in Tehran with His Excellency Mohamed Eslami, Vice President of Iran and Head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, and Hussein Amir-Abdullahi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran. Your Excellency Ann.” A statement was made to the councils of 35 countries before the quarterly meeting.

“Despite my best efforts, the extensive negotiations and deliberations detailed in these two reports to resolve Iran’s outstanding safeguards issues proved to be fruitless,” he said, referring to the agency’s recent report. (Reporting by Francois Murphy; Editing by John Ireland)

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