The Google Play Store website may get the long-awaited redesign

To put it mildly, the Google Play store on the web is outdated-the large sidebar and card-like list don’t look out of place on a running phone Android LollipopHowever, the company seems ready to drag its portal into the modern era. Android police A reminder said they have discover The redesigned Play Store is more in line with current mobile applications.

Rethinking seems to have abandoned large sidebars and cards in favor of a simple four-button navigation system and large, clean lists with autoplay game trailers. You can filter apps by device type. If you need to access your library or redeem gift cards, these options have been moved to the common account switcher for Google web apps.

Associated Press Describes the redesign as “work in progress” and had to switch to the Korean Play Store (the Taiwan version is also valid) to see it. We have asked Google if it can comment on this possible test. However, if the site does hint at greater reforms, you may be welcomed if you regularly buy applications and media from your computer.

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