The German Green Party takes the lead in attacking the EU’s plan to label nuclear power as “sustainable”

Germany, Austria and Luxembourg criticized Brussels’ plan to classify nuclear power as a sustainable technology in the European Union. Landmark Marking System Green investment is at the core of the European economic decarbonization plan.

German Economy Minister Robert Habek, a member of the Green Party in the country’s ruling coalition, said: “Whether this kind of green bleaching will be recognized in the financial market is still questionable.” He told the German news agency DPA on Saturday: “ In our view, there is no need to add this to the classification rules.”

The Brussels proposal is part of a so-called “classification” list, which aims to help guide the billions of euros in investment needed to decarbonize the EU economy.

This plan is the first attempt by a major regulatory agency to provide clear information to investors seeking to invest private capital in sustainable economic activities. It covers about 80% of EU emissions. no.

But this process has been plagued by fierce political infighting within the European Commission and its member states.

Austrian Minister of Climate and Energy Leonore Gewessler (Leonore Gewessler) said on Saturday that if nuclear power is classified as green energy, Vienna will consider suing the European Commission. Luxembourg Minister of Energy Claude Turmes (Claude Turmes) Call List nuclear power as a “provocation.”

The addition of nuclear power is widely seen as a victory for the French government, and the French government has urged Brussels to ensure that the new rules do not penalize the technology that provides nearly two-thirds of France’s electricity. Nuclear reactors do not produce carbon dioxide emissions, but they produce highly toxic waste.

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Including natural gas also means that some EU economies that rely on natural gas imports from Southern and Eastern Europe will support the initiative.

German Finance Minister Christian Lindner also supports the inclusion of natural gas. He is the leader of the Liberal Party in the ruling coalition. The draft proposal stated that natural gas can be considered sustainable under certain conditions, such as new natural gas plants approved before the end of 2030 that emit less than 270 grams of carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour, and if it replaces traditional fossil fuels such as coal.

“Germany actually needs modern gas-fired power plants as a transition technology because we are abandoning coal and nuclear power,” Lindner told Süddeutsche Zeitung on Sunday. “I am grateful that the committee seems to have accepted the argument.”

Three nuclear power plants in Germany were shut down at the end of 2021, and the remaining three nuclear power plants in the country will be decommissioned within one year. This is part of the commitment to phase out all nuclear energy after the Fukushima disaster in Japan in 2011.

The draft Brussels text will be part of consultations with EU countries and independent experts, and consultations will continue until January 12. However, the anti-nuclear EU government does not have the power to veto the classification, and diplomats say the classification may win the majority support of the European Council.

Astrid Matthey, one of the independent experts who advised the committee on the rules, criticized the draft as “contradicting the true purpose of the taxonomy.”

“The conditions to include these two technologies are far from ensuring that we meet the Paris climate goals and do not have major environmental hazards. There is still a long way to go before the draft is aligned with the Green Agreement and the EU’s environmental goals. “Ma Tai said.

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