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Dmitry Vasiliev, the former CEO of Russian cryptocurrency exchange Wex, was released in Warsaw earlier this month. The former head of the now-defunct coin trading platform has returned to Russia, and the lawsuit against him in Poland is still ongoing.

Polish court refuses to extradite Wex executives to Kazakhstan

The authorities are Poland Dmitry Vasiliev has been released, he is at the helm of Wex, once the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Russia. The 34-year-old Belarusian was detained at the Warsaw Airport on August 11. He was initially detained for 40 days, but he was still detained for nearly four months.

Vasilyev told the Russian business news portal RBC that he was allowed to leave on December 7 and has since returned to Russia where he lives. His Polish lawyer further explained that the court rejected the decision to extradite him to Kazakhstan, but has not yet made a final decision on his case.

Former Wex executives are Arrested After the disappearance of $450 million in accounts related to the exchange. According to the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza, the management of the exchange is responsible for the loss of funds belonging to citizens of EU member states (including Poland and other countries).

Wex was launched in September 2017 and is considered successor notorious Bitcoin-e exchange. The latter ceased activities earlier that year because one of its alleged operators was detained in Greece. Alexander Vinnick, He was arrested by a U.S. arrest warrant.

US prosecutors accused Russian IT experts of laundering up to 9 billion U.S. dollars through BTC-e.he is Sentenced He was sentenced to five years in prison by France in December last year.French judicial authorities also Refuse He was extradited to Russia, where he was involved in other crimes.

Dmitry Vasiliev was also detained in Italy in the summer of 2019 at the request of Interpol because he was wanted for fraud in Kazakhstan. In August of the same year, the Italian authorities released Vasilyev, although some other countries, including Russia, Belarus, and China, were filing criminal proceedings against him.

In September, the report showed that 100 Ethereum Withdrawn from Wex Wallet, this is the first movement of funds in three years. Balance 9,916 EthereumAt that time, the value of 30 million U.S. dollars was also transferred to a new address a few days later. In November, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, MVD, used to be defendant Failed to take action at the request of the victims of the exchange to seize their assets.

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