The first trailer of the Star Trek documentary series: Central Seat

From this trailer, the documentary series Middle seat: 55 years Star Trek Will mainly include interviews with the entire cast and staff Beloved, long-term franchise-Provide oral history of the show.A sort of Spicy The oral history of the show, if there is any indication of the interesting soundtrack in its new trailer. A generationThis only makes us want to see more.

By Nacelle (Netflix’s The movie that made us with The toys that made us; Disney+ Behind the attraction) And the History Channel, the series was narrated by Dr. Beverly Crusher himself, Gates McFadden, Directed by the founder of Nacelle Company Brian VOlke Weiss.

Here is more information about the documentary series in the press release:

The series will be released this yearEverything is at the right time Star TrekOn the 55th anniversary, each episode focuses on a different chapter in the history of this groundbreaking show, starting with Lucille Ball’s legendary production company Desilu, and continuing through iterations. Deep Space Nine with VoyagerInterviews with actors, staff, and experts revealed unprecedented backstory and provided new insights.No effort is spared, including the lesser-known aspects of franchising, such as Animation series with second stage. Star Trek It is the most iconic TV sci-fi legend ever, and it is more popular than ever. Central seat Explain in detail how it started, where it was, and how it boldly went to places where no TV series had been before! “

The interview list is quite amazing, there are Nichols Nichols, Brent Spaner, Kirsty Avery, Walter Kenig, Kate Muglu, Dennis Crosby, Will Wheaton, John DeLancy, Nicholas Meyer, Ronald D. Moore, Brannon Braga, Nana Wester, Robert Picardo, Ethan Phillips, Diana Moore Doyle, Nicole De Boer, Roxanne Dawson, Robert Beltran, Tim Russ, John Billingsley, John Dijkstra, DC Fontana, Rick Berman, And F. Murray Abraham shared their stories.It looks like Central seat Will not touch too much current Star Trek Series, such as discover, Picard, with Lower deckBut these have new episodes being broadcast or about to be broadcast, so they are still adding legendary color to the show. (Maybe there will be one Middle seat The second part includes actors and staff from Those titles When is the 60th anniversary? )

The press release did not specify how many episodes there were (initially When being touted as an eight-part series Announced in March) Or give another release date Better than “this fall”, but it looks likely to be the New York Comic Con of Nacelle Company tomorrow It may reveal more specific details about how we went into the research.

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