The eve of the Daleks trailer wipes out the new year

The Doctor Who promotional image shows that the Doctor and her companions are threatened by Daleks.

picture: British Broadcasting Corporation

Just brought back those Crying angel A few weeks ago, Doctor Who Some old (er) enemies will be summoned in the following form in 2022 Daleks. Spent most of the time Flux On the sidelines, the ruthless race came back to intimidate Judy Whitaker’s thirteenth doctor and his companions. This holiday season was specifically titled “The Eve of the Daleks.”

Rose to Doctor Who: FluxAfterwards, the doctor and companions Yaz (Mandeep Gill) and Dan (John Bishop) find themselves with the new arrivals Sarah (Eslin Biah) and Nick (Ajani Salmon) Join forces against Daleks. Trapped in a storage facility crawling with Daleks and caught in a time loop, this is a survival race and is expected to enter the new year.When it comes to time loops, the trailer doesn’t do anything you haven’t seen before-watch an ad Where it repeats with The character to display it In a more frightening situation, seeing all of them-but seeing a row of them exploding cannons and starting to explode is still scary.

“Eve” will be the first in a trilogy, aimed at ending Whitaker and Chipner’s time in the series. The second special program will be released shortly after the first special program, and then the last special program will be released later this year.From there, Chibnall will be replaced with Returning host Russell T. Davies and the new doctor are currently kept secret.In a short statement Doctor Who Website, The host Chris Chibnall laughed at the madness of time travel in the holiday special:

“We need a little romance in our lives around the New Year. Not so, Daleks. But the characters of Aisling Bea and Adjani Salmon will have to deal with both on New Year’s Eve from Hell. With Jodie Whittaker (Jodie Whittaker) Together with your doctors, it is expected to be the perfect New Year’s Day tonic.”

Doctor Who: The Eve of Daleks It will be broadcast on the BBC on January 1.

picture: British Broadcasting Corporation

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