The end of BlackBerry phones is finally here

Blackberry, company The company that used to dominate smart mobile devices recently announced that it has finally stopped supporting key services on its mobile phones. Starting today, mobile phones will no longer provide configuration services, which means that they will gradually lose the ability to join networks, including cellular networks.

If you were not using a mobile phone at the time, it might seem hard to imagine, but blackberries Once dominated the smartphone market. Its keyboard-based hardware is widely adopted in corporate environments, partly because the services it provides are usually run through BlackBerry servers, thereby achieving a high level of security and control.One sign of its importance is the early internal construction Android It looks like a cheap BlackBerry imitation, not a cheap iPhone imitation finally released.

Unlike the people who developed Android, BlackBerry’s leadership was The popularity of the iPhone. BlackBerry abandoned the on-screen keyboard and relied on its control of corporate services to gain market share.The company only launched the iPhone more than a year after its release Own touch screen phone, And its software is still embarrassing a mixture of new and old after a period of time. At the same time, business users fell in love with their Apple and Android phones and forced the IT department to support them.

BlackBerry finally gave up its own mobile phone and began to release an Android version before completely exiting the hardware business (it now mainly provides corporate security services). The latest version of the BlackBerry operating system it released dates back to 2013, so the devices affected here are now very old. The promised support period actually ended a year ago, which means that the company has exceeded its promise.

The impact of the end of support is detailed in FAQ page The former equipment manufacturer is hosting. The key change is that BlackBerry will no longer send configuration updates to these devices. The configuration information provides detailed information about how the device should establish connections with different types of network devices, including cellular and Wi-Fi networks. At some uncertain time in the future, network updates performed by service providers will mean that BlackBerry devices can no longer connect. As a result, BlackBerry stated that its devices “will no longer be able to operate reliably, including data, phone calls, text messages, and 9-1-1 functions.”

There are a few software services that rely on a connection to a BlackBerry server to run. So if you rely on things like BlackBerry World or BlackBerry Link, they will stop working today.

The number of people who may be affected by this is very small. Nevertheless, it is still a clear sign of the end of the once very important technology.

This story originally appeared in Ars Technica.

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