The Eagles take over the FedEx Stadium, Washington once again masters the missed season of the playoffs

LANDOVER-If seeing Jalen Hertz walking down the grass of the FedEx Stadium and hearing the cheers of the Eagles fans make the home team a bit embarrassed, then the next thing will be equally bad, or even worse. When Hertz stretched out his arms to give a high five, a group of Philadelphia fans overflowed from the edge and the rest of the railing collapsed.

Before the faller got up to take a photo with the Eagles quarterback, Hertz was almost knocked down.

“Crazy,” Hertz said. “Crazy thing. That is a truly dangerous situation.”

It is not enough for the Washington football team to lose 20-16 on Sunday to their division opponents-the defeat officially knocked them out of the playoffs. Up to now, as head coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) struggles to find a way, these losses may be magnified by everything that happens off the court-or even worse. They can be a punch from the sidelines, as it was last week, or they can be a collapsed railing in a run-down stadium of a run-down team.

For Burgundy and Gold, Sunday is more than just a must-win game. Washington maintained the lead for most of the afternoon, stifling a boasted Eagles game (34 offenses for 118 yards) and had a chance to win until Taylor Haynik intercepted theirs with 24 seconds left in the game. End area. But the details are not important.

Instead, the focus will be on the direction of the franchise—and how much work needs to be done. Washington’s record is 6 wins and 10 losses, which means that the team is now at the helm of Rivera in the second season than he has lost in the first year. After 16 games, with one game left, Washington is no longer considered a brave team. This is a friendly narrative to Rivera last season.

Now they are a group with a major question mark. What will the team do with quarterbacks this offseason? Can the defense rebound in 2022? How many viral moments can this team endure before they finally get things done?

When Rivera stood on the podium after the loss, he sighed when asked what he had gained from a season without playoffs.

“Hopefully we are cultivating a role that you have to deal with when encountering such situations and situations,” Rivera said. “The most important thing is how we do it. We have one game left (against the New York Giants), and hope we can show up and do what we should do. … This is an old saying,’You are knocked down, you get up The way is the most important.’ So we’ll wait and see.”

In some ways, Sunday’s game is already about this information. After losing to the Dallas Cowboys 56-14, Rivera told reporters that he wanted to see how his team would respond. Rivera said he was satisfied with this effort-the players had been pushing the Eagles all afternoon and finally gave himself a chance. “This is almost all you can ask for,” he said.

But even this ignores the more important point. Wide receiver Terry McLaurin (Terry McLaurin) wore a black sweatshirt with the words “driver’s seat” engraved on the front. Following the four-game winning streak in November and early December, Washington is indeed in a dominant position at the start of the key five divisional games, which will determine the fate of its playoffs.

Washington has now completed four of these five games-losing all four. The reason for the loss can be discussed. Viruses and injuries caused losses to the team’s roster, as did tragedies such as the murder of Montes Sweet’s brother and the safety of Dechazzo Everett’s car accident. Compared with the stacked Cowboys, perhaps this team also lacks talent.

In any case, Washington won the NFC East in 2020 due to an excellent 4-2 division record. A year later, the team drew with a score of 1-4. Rivera’s team has now suffered two four-game losing streaks in one season.

“We just didn’t finish it,” McLaughlin said.

At the same time, Washington may not take any action to win back fans who have become indifferent to the team. At this point, it became an annual tradition that the audience at Washington Stadium on Sunday was mainly Eagles fans, who wore white and green clothes. Once safety Rodney McLeod is late for Heinicke, an ode to the “eagle” will erupt.

The home court in Washington is now complete. Despite some memorable moments on the court — the team’s dissatisfaction with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — the mistakes, gaffes, and embarrassment in the stands and off the court were once again defeated. Consider the burst of water pipes in week 1. Sean Taylor’s retirement jersey celebration. The collapsed railing is only the most recent collapse.

A team spokesperson said in a statement that they “know that an incident occurred in the Beitian Tunnel” and started investigating the matter, adding that the team was “happy that no one seemed to be seriously injured”.

On social media, a fragment of the crash has been viewed more than 3 million times.

“This is a difficult time,” Hynek said.

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