The driver of the Elon Musk tunnel told him that Musk was “awesome!”

During the media preview of the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 9, 2021, a Tesla Model X parked at Grand Central Station.

During the media preview of the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 9, 2021, a Tesla Model X parked at Grand Central Station.
Photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

If you take the Boring Company’s Las Vegas tunnel (called the Convention Center Loop), you might be tempted to ask your driver about Elon Musk, the company’s founder. But don’t expect a direct answer. The company created a script for its drivers, and TechCrunch has what employees should say. For a company run by the second richest person on the planet, this is as ridiculous as you might expect.

When the drivers were asked if they liked working for Musk, they were asked to answer: “Yes, he is a great leader! He inspires us to do great work,” according to the script obtained TechCrunch Pass Nevada’s Freedom of Information Act.

The script provides a large number of hypothetical scenarios for drivers in the “loop” traffic tunnel in Las Vegas, and encourages drivers to change the subject when questions about Musk become too sensitive.

“The public’s fascination with our founder is inevitable and may dominate the conversation. Keep it as short as possible and try to close this conversation. If the passenger continues to impose the topic, say politely,’I’m sorry, but I really can’t “Post a comment’ and change the subject,” said the Boring Company document, according to TechCrunch.

Musk, a billionaire who thinks he is much smarter than himself in reality, Who fired an assistant after being fired for 12 years, so he got unpleasant revenge Ask for a raiseMusk denied that particular dismissal, but either way, Musk seems to be a peach worthy of work. This fact was clearly anticipated by the Boring Company strategists in their talking points for drivers.

Another example of a potential passenger problem in the document is: “Is the information I read about him in the newspaper true? [is a mean boss / smokes pot / doesn’t let employees take vacations / etc.]? The driver was instructed to answer: “I haven’t read that article, but this is not my experience. “

Elon Musk’s Loop transportation system was initially advertised as an idea for an autonomous underground vehicle that could transport people to their destination at a speed of 150 miles per hour in a 16-person high-speed vehicle.Instead, it’s just a human driver sitting behind the steering wheel of an ordinary Tesla car and picking up passengers Slowly in the tunnel Between 30 and 40 miles per hour.

To say the least, this is a ridiculous downgrade of the original idea, but the public relations staff at Boring Company clearly understand the dangers of working with humans, and if you don’t give them the correct nonsense, they can honestly reply to passengers.

From TechCrunch:

If a passenger asks the driver how long they have been working in the company, they will respond: “Familiar enough with these tunnels!” The document goes on to state: “If the passenger thinks you have only been driving for a week (even if this may mean hundreds of rides) , They will feel unsafe. Therefore, don’t share your time at work, but find ways to avoid problems or divert attention,” the document advises drivers.

When asked how many crashes the system has experienced (the script uses the term “accident”), the driver was told: “This is a very safe system, I’m not sure. You must contact the company.” If the passenger wants to know how many TBCs are Employees or drivers, or what is the cost of tunnel excavation, should expect similar vague responses. (Total about 53 million U.S. dollars).

Leaving aside optics, documents obtained by TechCrunch also show that drivers do not always follow the rules of the Las Vegas Loop, and sometimes tell passengers that seat belts are optional and avoid safety issues.

As TechCrunch explain:

In a test this spring, documents showed that Clark County officials found that some drivers did not follow all the rules. “When asked about the speed limit, several drivers answered incorrectly for straight and/or curve speeds. No speeds at stations, express lanes or ramps were provided,” one document reads. “The driver did not tell the passengers to fasten their seat belts. When asked, [some were saying] They are optional or not required. “

Good job, Elon. It sounds like the future of transportation.

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