The doctor crying angel made a terrible video of himself

A crying angel standing in the middle of the street with his face covered.

picture: British Broadcasting Corporation

After three weeks of various Cloudy and sunny, Doctor Who: Flux In the second half of the year Truncated run With the return of some old enemies this week. In “Angel Village”, the doctor and her entourage jumped to Devon in November 1967 to investigate a series of disappearances that may have been caused by those people. Crying angel.

Since the iconic “Blink” in 2007, they have become a powerful recurring group of bad guys, with some interesting transformations, such as when a person briefly becomes the Statue of Liberty. If you have not kept up with the show and need to review (or just want to re-watch some of their scary moments, which is completely valid), the BBC will release a video before tomorrow’s episode to meet your needs. 14 years later, the then show host Russell T. Davies and writer Steven Moffat managed to turn the usually mundane statue into a very scary thing , This is still unbelievable.Looking at their heads slowly Turn to Amy in the two parts “The Age of Angels/Body and Stone” and ask them to “Oh, shit“The degree of horror.

Energy vampire in Flux Premiered and served as the ominous end of last week’s episode, but “Village” kind of returned to their debut because it seem It is a one-off, not a continuous narrative to continue the story. Does a six-episode season need an independent story?It doesn’t look like it, but the host Chris Chibnall said before that these strange narrations ultimately To lead somewhere. So maybe here, we will be more aware of what this means.

“Angel Village” will premiere on the BBC tomorrow. Please stay tuned to our review and spoiler area to let you say all your thoughts on this new episode.

Correction: November 20, 2021, 3:50 PM EST: The previous version of this post misreported the name of the show host, which has since been corrected to Chris Chibnall.

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