The court heard the arguments in Trump’s rape accuser E. Jean Carroll’s lawsuit

New York (Associated Press)-the former president’s lawyer Donald Trump Appeared in the Federal Court of Appeals on Friday, arguing that the U.S. government should take his Defendant in a defamation suit he rape.

Republican lawyers told the judge he Not trying to evade personal responsibility in a columnist lawsuit E. Jean Carroll. he They said that they just want to save the future president from the burden of legal proceedings.

“This is not political. It has nothing to do with being a Democrat or a Republican. This is all about protecting the presidency as an institution,” said lawyer Alina Habba.

Carol Sued Trump in 2019, alleging he defamation she By denying she Refer to he Raped she A department store in New York City in the 1990s. trump card Said she “Total lie” and “not my type”, and other comments.

In the final months of the Republican presidency, the Justice Department tried to replace he As the defendant in the case, said he Is acting within the scope his Office response CarolAllegations. During the administration of Democratic President Joe Biden, the Justice Department has maintained its position.

Federal law stipulates that it is difficult to individually sue US government employees for work-related behavior.

If the government prevails trump cardWhere the change may result in the case being dismissed. Federal courts have historically not allowed defamation suits against federal employees who acted in an official capacity.

Justice Department lawyer Mark Freeman told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit on Friday that he was not for “defense or defense.” trump cardComments, calling them “rude and offensive.”

Freeman said: “I’m here because any president facing such public accusations, when the media is very interested, feel obligated to answer public questions and answer questions from the media.”

“When someone says he committed a heinous crime 20 years ago, he needs to solve this problem,” Haba added, adding Carol‘S claim is basically under attack trump cardSuitable for office. CarolHowever, the lawyer believes trump cardThe response goes beyond any work obligations.

Attorney Joshua Matz said: “The White House’s job is not to promise unrestricted cruel treatment of victims of previous attacks.”

It is not clear how long the appeal court will make a ruling.

The Associated Press usually does not identify those who say they have been sexually assaulted unless they choose to tell their stories publicly because Carol Already done.

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