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Some hackers there really like this all”Great resignation“It’s pretty serious. According to a new report From the motherboard, “Dozens” of companies Receipt printers received “anti-work” spam—and so on, encouraging employees to tell their bosses to go hiking.

In the past few days, a large number of images have been posted on Reddit, which seem to show long receipts with the same pro-labor and anti-capitalist remarks.Many of them have referenced r/anti-work, The increasingly popular “anti-work” subreddit, and encourages workers to contend with employers on wages and benefits.

“Time is your most precious asset,” Say a receipt, And then encourage employees to force their boss to fire them — ostensibly so that they can continue to work and spend time with friends and family. “Is your salary low?” another person asked. “Start to organize a union”, a Seems to be exhorting.

Some receipts also refer to “25 or on foot“-This seems to be a radical movement, focusing on raising the minimum wage for workers in the fast food industry. Some of the posts on r/anti-work Mention the movement and its goal of improving the living standards of workers.

Although this may seem like a social media joke, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai of Motherboard spoke with a cybersecurity expert who said that they have seen pretty good evidence that the receipt is true.

Andrew Morris, the founder of the cybersecurity company, said: “Someone is using a technology similar to’mass scanning’ to send raw TCP data directly to printer services on the Internet on a large scale.” Gray noiseMorris further clarified that someone “is broadcasting a print request for a file containing workers’ rights messages to all printers that have been misconfigured to be exposed on the Internet, and we have confirmed that it was successfully printed in some places.”

According to Morris, in layman’s terms, printers exposed on the network are becoming the target of those who have these print requests.

He further added, “The exact number [of printed receipts] It is difficult to confirm,” although he has seen evidence that “thousands of printers have been exposed”, which would make them vulnerable to requests.

Quite wild. Whether the whole thing is the work of a pro-labor hacktivist, or it is actually just an intelligence agency fucking with fast food chains in the world, this is at least a thought-provoking exercise. Long live the revolution.

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