The “come back” series dispels and confirms some of the Beatles myths

New York (Associated Press)-For 50 years, the Beatles’ “Let it Be” recording has been a tragic experience. The band members are bored with each other, tired of their work, and are in the process of breaking up. .

Nearly 8 hours, Peter Jackson-The documentary produced was selected from these meetings and recorded, but instead revealed a self-aware band, with rare connections and work ethics, and still knows how to play-but also in the process of breaking up.

The “Get Back” series will be aired on Disney+ for three days starting from Thanksgiving.

Produced by Beatles fanatics for other Beatles fanatics, this can be an exhausting experience for those who are not in the club. But the club is big. In addition to the hospitality provided to fans, “Get Back” is a leap-forward observation of the creative process of the band that is still popular half a century after it ceased to exist.

Jackson, the producer of the Oscar-winning “Lord of the Rings” series, is discussing another project with the Beatles he Ask director Michael Lindsay-Hogg what happened to all the outings of the 1970 “Let’s Go” movie.

Nearly 60 hours of filming were shot in three weeks, most of which are invisible, and the band has been thinking about how to deal with it. Jackson used these materials, as well as 150 hours of recording, and spent four years constructing a story.

he Worrying that this might be a frustrating obstacle.

Lindsay-Hogg’s film is seen as the chronicle of the band’s demise-unfair to Jackson-because it was released shortly after the breakup was announced. Individuals in the Beatles strengthened this concept through negative comments about the experience. They gave themselves a tight deadline to write and record new material, prepare for the live performance, and the cameras tracked the whole process.

“I just waited for it to go bad,” Jackson said. “I am waiting for the argument to begin. I am waiting for the conflict to begin. I am waiting for the feeling that they hate each other. I have been waiting for everything I read in the book, but it never appeared.”

Oh, there is a conflict.History obscures the delightful moments revealed in the lottery, such as John Lennon The impersonator who plays Bob Dylan sings “The Two of Us”, or he and Paul McCartney challenge each other without moving their lips. Jackson regained his balance.

“The connection is incredible,” drummer Ringo Starr recalled in a recent Zoom interview. “I’m the only child (but) I have three brothers. We take care of each other. We take care of each other. We have a few rows of each other-this is what people do. But in music, every time we count-one, two, three Four-we all want to be the best selves.”

Jackson followed these meetings every day, starting with them in a huge movie scene that was eventually abandoned by a London studio they were familiar with, to a short rooftop performance of the Beatles’ last public performance.

Filmmakers are very sensitive to this idea he He was brought in to “sterilize” the meeting and pointed out that “Get Back” portrayed George Harrison briefly leaving the band. This was an event that Lindsey Hogg was not allowed to show.

That moment happened one morning later, Harrison watched and stewed silently, Lennon And McCartney showed their close creative connection in the work of “The Two of Us”, as if no one else existed. When the lunch break came, something more lasting came to Harrison’s mind.

“I’m leaving the band now,” he said, almost seeking truth from facts, and then went out.

A few days later, after several meetings with the band, Harrison was coaxed back.The morning he did this, the movie showed him and Lennon Read a false newspaper report that they had a fight, and confronted it in a boxing pose to laugh at it.

In the process, Jackson’s project eliminated and strengthened the traditional wisdom that had been solidified over the years.

Myth #1: McCartney is a control freak.

Conclusion: Partially correct. The movie shows that Harrison is clearly annoyed by McCartney, he instructs him and other band members how to play, and coaxes them to make a live concert decision. Since the death of manager Brian Epstein in 1967, the band has been somewhat aimless. McCartney played the role of “dad”, but was not fully adapted.

“I’m afraid of being my boss, and I’ve been doing it for a few years,” he said. “I didn’t get any support.”

Misunderstanding 2: Yoko Ono disbanded the Beatles.

Conclusion: Not true.She was there almost every time she was recording, but mainly sitting next to her as a benign force LennonThe other Beatles’ spouses appear in the studio, although not so frequently. Once, McCartney even made a prescient joke to her.

“In 50 years, this will be an incredibly ridiculous thing-they broke up because Yoko was sitting on the amplifier,” he said.

The afternoon after Harrison left, the remaining Beatles apparently used some aggressive, atonal music to eliminate their frustration, and Ono took over his microphone—a fascinating moment.

Misunderstanding 3: The Beatles have basically become four solo artists, and the others are accompaniment to each other’s songs.

Conclusion: Not true. They are constantly cooperating, seeking and accepting suggestions.Once, Harrison admitted Lennon That heI have been unable to complete the line “Attract me like other lovers” in “Something”. Lennon It is recommended to use nonsense phrases—”attract me like broccoli”—until something better appears.

Through this film, the audience can see how the song “Get Back” emerged from the improvisation on the side of McCartney. Lennon Exchange lyrical choices and throw out an idea to make it a song that criticizes anti-immigration sentiments and let the whole band make arrangements. Satisfied with the final result, Harrison suggested that it be released as a single immediately.

Bob Spitz, author of the book “The Beatles: A Biography” published in 2005, said: “A glimpse of them working together is a very important piece of art, not only for Beatles fans. And this is true for any creative person.”

Misunderstanding 4: The shooting shows that the Beatles disbanded.

Conclusion: Basically correct.It is clear Lennon Harrison’s enthusiasm for becoming the Beatles is waning. Lennon Apparently in love with Ono; McCartney told Harrison and Starr that if they had to choose between her and the Beatles, Lennon will go she.

Harrison, who grew up creatively, was upset about his secondary role.He and Lennon About making a solo album, because he There are enough songs to fill up his The “quota” for Beatles albums was extended for another ten years.As if to prove his At this point, the Beatles rehearsed Harrison’s majestic “Everything Must Pass” but refused to record it.

In the movie, Lennon Starr also discussed the meeting with Rolling Stones manager Alan Klein about taking over the Beatles business, which heralded a fierce split with McCartney.

“The whole thing is full of little stories,” Jackson said.

Jackson, who was once expected to make a traditional documentary, said he Take nervously his The longer final product returns to McCartney, Starr and their family Lennon And Harrison.

“But they came back and said,’Great, don’t change anything,'” he said.

In the priceless moments he discovered, the Beatles were full of joy when they played on the roof of the studio. This movie shows the whole performance, and the Beatles took up the challenge and had a great time.

When the police finally ended it, the band and entourage withdrew back to the recording studio to listen to recordings of what they did.

“This is a very good test run for other things,” said producer George Martin.

Alas, that is impossible.

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