The Chinese Communist Party criticizes U.S. democracy before the Biden summit

Beijing (Associated Press) —— Chinaof Communist Party Saturday took American democracy as a task, severely criticized the Global Democracy Summit that President Joe Biden will host next week, and praised the merits of its governance system.

Party officials questioned how a polarized country that has not responded well to COVID-19 teaches others, saying that efforts to force others to imitate Western democratic models are “doomed to fail”.

Deputy Director Tian Peiyan PartyThe Office of Policy Research says the pandemic has exposed the flaws of the American system. He blamed the high number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States on political disputes and the division of the government from the highest to the lowest.

“What this kind of democracy brings to voters is not happiness but disaster,” he said at a press conference when he released a government report Communist Party Call it a form of democracy, which is firmly under the control of the party.

Neither China Approximately 110 governments invited to participate in Biden’s two-day virtual “democracy summit” started on Thursday, and Russia is not among them.Taiwan’s participation, an autonomous democratic country China Saying that it should be under its rule further angered Beijing.

US-China Although Biden and Chinese leader Xi Jinping held a virtual summit last month, relations between the two countries remain tense.The President of the United States has repeatedly raised differences with the United States China In his broader call for the United States and its allies to prove that democracy can provide mankind with a better path to progress than autocracy.

this Communist Party Already ruled China Single-handedly since 1949. It said that various opinions were reflected through consultation bodies and housing committees, but most public criticisms were silenced through censorship and sometimes arrests.

this Party Believing that strong central leadership is needed to maintain the stability of a huge country that has been torn apart by divisions and wars for centuries.

“In such a big country with 56 ethnic groups and a population of more than 1.4 billion, without the leadership of the party… and we insist on what is called democracy in the West, it is easy to mess things up and democracy will work. Opposite,” Tian said.

The recent difficulties faced by some Western democracies have given Communist Party Leaders have more confidence in their system when trying to build their own system China Become a global power. The official media often cited the riots in the U.S. Capitol after the last presidential election. The report released on Saturday stated that “the world today is facing the challenge of excessive democracy.”

Chinese officials frequently accuse the U.S. and other countries of trying to suppress under the guise of democracy ChinaThe rise of China echoed the accusations made by the Vice Minister of the State Council Xu Lin at the press conference. PartyPropaganda Department.

“The United States calls itself the’democratic leader’, organizing and manipulating so-called democratic summits,” he said. “In fact, under the banner of democracy, it suppresses and obstructs countries with different social systems and development models.”

Xu claimed that others demanded that their form of democracy be undemocratic, and that their own record was mixed.

“Their domestic governance is a mess, but they blame and criticize other democracies,” he said. “Is this the democracy they preach?”

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