The BTS show will premiere on Apple Music this weekend

Followed by Coming to Fitness+, Apple is once again partnering with the omnipotent K-pop group.three episodes The series will delve into the history of BTS.

Episode 1 BTS Radio: Past and Present will premiere on Apple Music 1 on May 28 at 9am ET, Associated Press notes. The other two episodes will air weekly.During the show, members Will take listeners on a journey to become a superstar. “We wanted to share BTS songs that help tell our story,” said RM, one of the septets.

The series will debut ahead of the group’s first anthology/best album prove, will be on June 10, and BTS’s ninth anniversary three days later.Next week, BTS will Discuss Asian-American inclusion and representation with President Biden following increased coverage of anti-Asian discrimination and hate crimes.

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