The breaking point is here again

what i want is Exactly a feeling – physical, cognitive, temporal – happening at this fixed point in time, especially in the past week, in the days following the twin tragedies in Buffalo, there are 10 black people shot at supermarket, and Uvalde, 19 children and 2 teachers massacred at a rural Texas elementary school, is now second largest School shootings in American history.

First, let us finally dispel the big, fetid lies about how terrorism has brought its depravity in our rugged lands. The language of activists and extremists was not born on the fringes, as folklore has discussed alternative theories, the dirty dogma the gunman used to justify his massacre in Buffalo. There’s nothing peripheral to how hatred takes people’s breath. To be marginalized, outside the American power arena of yesterday and tomorrow, is to live in suffocating yoke of hatred. Just to know that in the face of such cruelty as usual, as usual.

till this moment massacre—Last Tuesday at Uwald, 14 days ago in Buffalo, El Paso in 2019, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in 2018, Las Vegas Strip in 2017, Pulse nightclub in 2016, At Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012 — yes, it entered the realm of the surreal, the mundane, the utterly, the tragically mundane. In America, horror is a clover: both a bound reality and a recurring spectacle, shared and remixed online, appropriated and fooled by soulless pundits on Fox News. There is nothing against the tsunami of misery, torn apart in its unpredictable storm.

I’ll pretend to be shocked and pretend there isn’t an apocalypse looming from the oblong fluff of my apartment window, but when the world is approaching the other side, it would be foolish to deny it. A fresh devour. More realities are cancelled and rendered ineffective. All of this greeted me with utter and unshakable dystopia. “It’s also a maw; a mosh pit. It’s whiplash,” Margot Jefferson written A bumpy journey through American culture; how society affects you. do to you. How quickly and without a second thought it gets rid of you when you’re black or a woman or, God forbid, a kid going to school. For the most part – today, this week – it feels like another end. There is an end before more ends.

Because we live at the precise intersection of time and circumstance, there is a very special feeling in the air of uncanny fear that takes over the body and seeps into the depths of the psyche. That feeling isn’t just the pain one feels, one understands with a sigh and heartbreak that’s all too familiar, because in the context of this moment, it’s so much more than that. It’s a synchronised, exponential squeeze, expansion, and unease: everything mixes above, beside, and below what’s happening and what’s already happening to you.

The tragedies of Buffalo and Uwald join a doom-laden surreal, soon-to-be-unveiled horror, each bouncing off each other. Economists at BMO Capital Markets said interview Bloomberg News, “Rising prices for food, rent and some other items still look troublesome” to curb U.S. inflation in the year ahead.This year, it is likely to be overturned by the Supreme Court of a person abortion rightsdeterioration Climatic conditionscomputational Narrowing down queer rightsOne real estate crisisThis The threat of monkeypox, and the never-ending pandemic fatigue. But no one has time to deal with it because the hamster wheel of capitalism demands our work and we continue to satisfy its greed.

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