The best people in Bollywood are candid with their confidants on WhatsApp

WhatsApp launched Filmfare’s “Between Us”, a series where celebrities confided their souls to Filmfare’s editor Jitesh Pillaai, telling them about the trials and tribulations they went through to be on the film. They talk about how they manage the land of the show business,With their support, spent the hardest moments and sweet moments in life Family, friends and mentors.

A star goes through many stages in his/her life. First of all, it is very difficult to shine at the box office. Once they succeed, the next challenge is to maintain the status quo, that is, to release hit songs every Friday. This is not an easy task. Consider that you are judged by the last performance on the ticket window. Celebrity status must be accompanied by fame and fortune decoration. Yes, success brings dizzying excitement. But it also brings insurmountable pressure and insecurity… This is the other side of the star. What you see is glitz, charm, smile… What you can’t see are tears, sweat, fear and struggle to survive… That is the privilege of a few people. This is the close connection of people around the star, they know their extremely personal moments. Moments of extreme happiness and despair. Who are these people? Did the stars share their personal moments of success and failure?

We discovered this in our show WhatsApp Presents Just between Us By Filmfare. So we have six stars talking about their weaknesses, their weaknesses, their struggles and their ecstatic moments… Who do they turn to when they need it or when they want to celebrate their achievements? All of them had to stand bravely in front of the camera for personal battles. How did they do it?

The first episode featured Rajkummar Rao talking about losing his parents and how it changed him as a person. He admitted that he had to put on a strong appearance to deal with his loss. He said that he sought comfort from a few friends in his life.

We also have Parineeti Chopra. Parineeti was once considered the next best thing. Then she experienced a series of failures and fell to the bottom of her career. This is enough to make her fall into depression. To whom did she lend a helping hand, and who helped her when she was in trouble? Now that she has returned with a heavy weight, she has reason to cheer. Parineeti becomes emotional and talks about all this and more.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui proudly talks about his struggles. When he tried to leave his mark, it was indeed a difficult and dark day. He shared his fears and revealed his coping mechanism and the people he asked for help in order to stay awake when life is difficult. Now when things get better, he has the closest people to spread happiness in his life.

Pratic Gandhi, who is called “an overnight fame” by the world, has struggled for fifteen years before thatScam 92 made him a household name. He talked about his struggles like a brave heart, taking us through the most intimate moments of life that almost broke his heart. But there is a group of people around him united by his side, let him move on. The troughs and crests in his life are comparable to gold. He must have a group of people who will gather with him when things are going well and support him when things are difficult.

Vikrant Massey took the world by storm with his outstanding performances. But his life behind the scenes is full of fear and fragility. Vikrant spoke candidly about how he dealt with the pressure of being a private person in such a propaganda profession. All the cheers and tears are worth cherishing, and his confidant did just that.

Radhika Apte seems very confident in herself. You would think that life is roses and daffodils to her. You will think wrong. She has her fears and insecurities. But her parents and siblings have always supported her. On the way she was relying on, she found some talented friends…They helped her in her troubles and good times.

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