The best app to stick to the new year’s resolutions

More than 80 Percentage of people Failed to realize their New Year’s resolutions By mid-February, although everyone must have their own contributing factors, there is a very important reason for all of this: most people have set the wrong resolution.

But it can be set.

New Year’s resolutions are essentially goals, which means they should be set like goals, not vague, empty hopes.The key to a set goal is Do it then be smart: Specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound. In other words, your determination should be clearly defined and challenging, but within your abilities, it can be achieved through everything you do now, with a clear time limit.if you Want to write a book next year, Your determination should not be to write a book-it should be to write 1,000 words per week (specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic promise) (time is limited) until you complete the first draft.

Once you set such resolutions, they become easier to stick to-especially when you use the right application to get you on the right track. Regardless of your solution, there are tools available to make it easier to implement.

to form a habit

Whether you want to make your bed, brush your teeth, cook more frequently, or go to the gym 3 times a week, it takes effort to develop a habit — and an app that tracks it is really helpful.


(IOS, Apple system)

The idea behind stripe It’s super simple-the more you successfully complete a habit in the past and build a “continuity”, the harder it is to break it. It is easy to configure, seamless to use, and most importantly, it looks good.

price: $5 each for iOS and Mac apps


(IOS, Android)

Way of Life goes further than Streaks. In addition to building a “chain”, every habit has a diary so you can record the progress of things, and detailed analysis so you can see how well you stick to your goals.

price: Up to three habits can be tracked for free; advanced and unlimited habit tracking for $6

Running (any distance)

During the epidemic, Running is booming. With the closure of gyms and fitness rooms, what else can people do besides jogging like in 1979? If you want to join the latest incarnation of the original fitness trend, here are some apps for you.

C25K trainer

(IOS, Android)

If you haven’t run since you were young, then it’s really scary to start running. Running is really uncomfortable—especially if you try too hard at the beginning.

This is where Couch to 5K comes in: it is an eight-week program that allows you to start running (or walking) your first 5K from sitting on the sofa to 3 times a week for 30-minute exercises. Although you don’t need an app to follow, C25K Trainer makes it easier for you to stick by guiding you through each run and tracking your route, distance, and pace.

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