The Apocalypse of the Master of the Universe Recording by Hamir Heidi

The horned skeleton god stood in front of the sea of ​​fire and summoned purple lightning.

picture: Netflix

No matter how you feel about the recent release Second half of Kevin Smithof Master of the Universe: Apocalypse, To see that the masters are always satisfying in their work, with Mark Hamill with Lena Headey They are certainly masters of voice work.Check out this video of Hamill and Heady, it’s playing He-Man’s enemy Skeletor and his evil partner/witch Evil-Lyn separately recorded scenes from the second half of the show.

If you missed part 1 Enlightenment, What you really need to know is that the skeleton finally mastered Seaman’s sword of power and successfully guided the power of the gray skull to himself-if you want, he becomes a skeleton. Since Skeletor itself is already very powerful, this has promoted him to Skele-God, and he is using his newly acquired power to do more than just hit people. Watch and listen:

Here are some interesting things, first of all: How did Mark Hamill do this to his voice and then still speak like a normal person?Just like he scratches his vocal cords with his nails every time he speaks as Skeletor, and Skeletor is Enlightenment-That’s before you count all the multiple shots he has to do for each line. Secondly, this is the first time I have seen two voice actors recording in the same room at the same time after the pandemic. This is cool because I have talked to enough voice actors and know that they prefer to record at the same time with other people. It gave them the opportunity to perform. Finally, it is strange how Hamill and Headey sound effortlessly evil?This really shouldn’t have been a surprise since Hamill spoke up Batman: Animated Series‘Joker is perfect, and Heidi is ruthless and vengeful Cersei Lannister exist game of Thrones, But still… a bit strange.

The second half of the year Master of the Universe: Apocalypse It is currently streaming on Netflix, and our review will be published soon.

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