The Afghan economy is nearly collapsed, and the leaders cautiously fight the Taliban

Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres It warned on Monday that the Afghan economy is on the verge of collapse after the United States withdraws and the country’s new economic outlook is uncertain. Taliban leader.

Mr. delivered a speech at the United Nations Headquarters. Guterres Urge the international community to act quickly on the economic collapse and acknowledge the challenge of working with what he sees as an extremist government. Guterres Said continues to violate its citizens’ commitment to abide by basic human rights.

“Right now, with the asset freeze and the suspension of development assistance, the economy is collapsing,” he said. Guterres Said. “Banks are closing, and basic services such as healthcare have been suspended in many places.”

“I urge the world to take action to inject liquidity into the Afghan economy to avoid collapse,” he Said.

International economic support is one of the last remaining checks TalibanIn August, with the withdrawal of American and Allied forces, he came to power in Kabul. The Biden administration has frozen nearly $10 billion in reserves held by the Afghan government in the United States. Most of the foreign aid assigned to the US-backed Kabul government has also dried up, which accounts for nearly half of Afghanistan’s GDP.

ArinazariThe head of external relations of the Afghan National Resistance Front stated that the international community must remain cautious and not allow Afghans to act boldly. TalibanThe National Resistance Front, led by Ahmad Massoud, is stationed in the remote Panjshir Valley in Afghanistan and is the last organized opposition Taliban domestic.

“The problem with aid is that there is no guarantee that it will flow to the Afghan people,” he said. theory Said. “Because Taliban I don’t have enough cash, Taliban For the past month, they have been unable to feed their soldiers, so soldiers went from house to house asking people to feed them. “

gentlemen. theory Think any discussion about thawing TalibanThe assets should be kept off the desktop.

“This will not improve the economy,” Mr. said. theory Said. “This will encourage Taliban. This will strengthen their hands. This will allow them to conduct business outside of Afghanistan. This will only contribute to international terrorism and criminal activities. “

But sir. Guterres It warned that if the international community does not act as soon as possible, the world will face a major humanitarian crisis.

“This is a moment of success or failure,” he Said. “If we don’t take action to help the Afghans weather this storm, and act as soon as possible, not only them but the whole world will pay a heavy price.”

gentlemen. Guterres‘The above remarks were made after the first face-to-face meeting between the Biden administration and the U.S. government over the weekend. Taliban Since the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in late August.

The U.S. delegation, including Tom West, Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Affairs of the State Department, and Sarah Charles, Assistant to the Director of the Humanitarian Assistance Agency of the United States Agency for International Development, met with the U.S. delegation Taliban Representatives in Doha, Qatar focused on “security and terrorism issues and the safe passage of American citizens, other foreign nationals and our Afghan partners, as well as human rights, including women and girls’ meaningful participation in all aspects of Afghan society,” according to the State Department Read out the information.

The topic of humanitarian assistance was also mentioned in the discussion, but few details were provided.this Taliban The delegate left the meeting saying that Washington agreed to resume some humanitarian aid, but he didn’t want to admit it Taliban As the new legal leader of the country.

“The discussion was frank and professional, the US delegation reiterated Taliban It will be judged based on its actions, not just its words,” the State Department said.

gentlemen. Guterres Said it’s important to keep the pressure Taliban Fulfilling their human rights commitments, but this should not mean refusing to provide much-needed economic support.

“The Afghan people cannot suffer collective punishment because Taliban Misbehavior,” he Said. “Under no circumstances should people die of hunger.”

gentlemen. Guterres Also said he Never ask for international recognition Taliban As a legitimate government.The State Department made a similar clarification before meeting with the U.S. State Department Taliban Said over the weekend that the meeting “is not to recognize or grant legitimacy”, “any legitimacy must be passed TalibanOwn behavior. “

But sir. theory Said that the international community must remain cautious.

“We believe that too much has been given TalibanEven if they are not recognized,” he Said.

“only Taliban Know it’s destruction,” he Add to. “This is their purpose. They are not born for good governance. They are not born to be politicians.”

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