The 12 Best Early Targets Black Friday Sale (2021)

When is november It’s time to pack up, make plans for you and any holidays you celebrate, and most importantly, make sure to complete any gifts you need to buy before it’s too late.with Shipping delays and shortages, Entering before tightening is your best choice. Target has an early holiday promotion, and many of our favorite gadgets are discounted, from gaming gadgets and household equipment to headphones. Some of these deals ended last weekend, but some of the best deals are still in progress.

Update on November 17th: We have added wireless headset offers and removed some items that are no longer available.

Wired’s early Black Friday coverage

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Home sale

A Philips electric toothbrush.

Photo: Philips

this is ours Favorite cheap electric toothbrush, And this rechargeable version of the deal makes it a sweeter proposal. It is thin, feels a lot like a normal toothbrush, provides gentle vibration, and comes with a small box suitable for travel.Have a $5 for brush head subscription Every quarter, so you can change it every three months (you can update the frequency or suspend your subscription at any time).

This is the easiest way to enter the world of smart homes.Plug in this Smart speaker You can ask Google Assistant for anything you want to do Usually search on Google (And the results are usually very satisfactory).Once you start connecting more smart devices (such as smart plugs and light bulbs) to your home, you can connect Bird’s Nest Mini. There is a physical mute switch for peace of mind.

Plug in this Streaming stick Entering the back of the TV, you will get a brand new interface and you can access almost all streaming services. This is a voice remote, so you can press the microphone button and let Roku navigate to your favorite show instead of looking for it on the menu. It supports 4K HDR TV.You can check our Roku equipment buying guide.

Game specials

Razer Viper

Photo: Razer

Razer’s Viper series is dexterous, which is great for left-handed gamers, but it is also very suitable for right-handed hands.The standard Viper is smaller than some Razer Other mice, So it is very suitable for people with small hands. The switches are beautiful and tactile, and RGB lighting is always fun.

There are so many great discoveries to choose from, but Target’s sale will offer many new versions, fan favorites and indie games, as well as a large number of activity books, novels and board games for all ages. This is a great way to check things you might not find-or pick some extra gifts for your loved ones.

Phone, headset and TV specials

Powerbeats Pro wireless earbudsPhoto: Beat

These headphones are very safe, thanks to an extra grip for the forearm that surrounds your ears, and their battery life is incredible-During the test We can use it for about 9 hours on one charge. Most importantly, they have the excellent sound quality we expect from Beats headphones.I only know that Beats has launched a newer model Just pay an extra $50.

In terms of overall noise reduction, nothing beats a pair of over-ear headphones, and Bose QuietComfort headphones are a good example. They drown out the sound well, and wearing them will make you feel like you are alone in an empty room-even if you have a group of noisy children running around.This offer is also available at Amazon.

Solo3 headphones are a bit more basic than the fully equipped Studio3, and still contain rich, soft sound in a super comfortable (and easy to carry) package. There is no active noise reduction, but they are a great pair of headphones for everyday wear.

Bose has a reputation for sound quality, and these wireless earbuds are our favorite. QuietComfort noise-canceling earbuds provide active noise reduction and rock-solid battery life. In addition they are very comfortable.This offer is also available at Amazon.

Sonix shells are some of the most beautiful, if you like the “purple rain” aesthetics, this is a good price MagSafe protective caseThis means that magnets are embedded in the case, allowing you to securely connect MagSafe accessories to the back of iPhone 13, such as a wireless charger or wallet.The transaction is also available Suitable for iPhone 13 Pro.

LG 55-inch NanoCell 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

Photo: Goal

Holidays are definitely the time to consider upgrading your TV. As Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday approach, prices will get lower and lower. LG’s 55-inch NanoCell TV has 4K, HDR, and LG’s ultra-slick smart TV user interface with motion tracking remote control.

TCL is behind some of the most affordable and well-made TVs on the market.Its 6 series Is our first choice For most people. We recommend the 5 series to anyone with a limited budget, but the price of this 4 series is very affordable. Its HDR performance is not as good as the 6 series, but you can save hundreds of dollars.There are many other great TVs on sale, and we have Surround them.

Black Friday early sales page

Want to browse sales by yourself? Here are some places that offer early Black Friday discounts.Be sure to check out many of our purchase guide And a gift guide for other ideas.

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