The 11 best hair straighteners we tested (2021): irons, hot combs and hair straighteners

Straighten my hair Usually it takes two days. I washed off all the products the night before and applied a moisturizing protectant to my hair. I let it air dry and then weave it before going to bed so that the curls will be looser and easier to comb the next day. Then, only then can I get in with a flat iron.

The Gear members of WIRED have a series of curly hair types, needs and hair style techniques, we have all tried a lot of Hair straighteners in our lives. Some flat irons leave us with crispy ends and narrow hands, while others, such as those listed here, give us smooth hair. There are many dizzying options around, but hope our favorite hair straightener can help narrow your search.

Update December 2021: We have added more of our favorite hair straighteners, including the Bio Ionic 3-in-1 tool, the L’ange iron with cold air, and two honorary titles.

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